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Smartphone Uses

When you purchased your cell, it is unlikely you had an inkling of just how many smartphone uses there are available. This year alone, the smartphone is outselling the PC and it is unlikely this trend will not reverse. Today’s smartphone would have been the most powerful computer in the world back in 1985.

It is an amazing power in the palm of our hands as the Smartphone has an advanced operating system to support the dizzying array of applications. Gone are the days when a mobile phone was simply purchased for communication purposes. Today, it has turned into the ultimate accessory.

Not just content with being a telecommunication device, the smartphone not only allows users to stream songs, view pictures and videos, take photos and surf the net staying up to the minute with updates, but can also monitor serious health issues.

The amazing part about the technology is the way we can carry one small device that does the job of so many others.

The majority of users consider themselves technologically savvy, however there is definitely a lot more to updating your Facebook status and finding your way around via GPS.

Trapster allows you to share speed trap locations with other users. Then there’s iShake, the application that uses the accelerometer in your phone to measure the intensity of an earthquake. It will be compared to other nearby phones which then create a map that shows the strength and location of the quake. Then there’s the iPhone Blower, just in case you don’t have enough breath to blow out the candles on your own birthday cake, this application WILL do it for you.

Aside from all the crazy applications though, there are alternatives to using your phone for good rather than pure entertainment.

If you happen to find yourself at the scene of an accident needing urgent medical assistance you can get instant access from everything to allergic reactions to CPR, this could make all the difference in a life and death situation. Other groundbreaking ways within the health sector include a heart rate recorder which allows you to do an ECG at home via a special device strapped to your chest. the device connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone allowing you to see the ECG in detail and email the results to your doctor.

For majority of us, this technology may not be viable when you are in good health. However, for those with existing conditions of this type of nature, it is possible that this technology could assist in unclogging our doctor’s waiting rooms.

For someone with an existing hearth condition for example, they can monitor heart rate and blood pressure in the comfort of their own home and the results will be emailed through the phone to the doctor for assessment.

When we choose our mobile phones, it is rare we consider we may require it to save someone in a life threatening situation of which we have no prior knowledge.

So aside from the many crazy smartphone uses that exist that can keep boredom away for hours, there are some amazing advances in the world of cell phones. Makes it hard to appreciate there was ever a time we scoffed at carrying around those first groundbreaking phones that resembled a small portable switchboard.

Interested in some further smartphone uses? Check out our site for more great ideas and use that phone to its full potential, it could save your life one day.

Smartphone Uses

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