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RI Tax Credit Gives Incentive To Hire Those Out Of Work Long Term

Rhode Island continues to have one of the worst employment statistics in the country, but a new tax credits enacted in 2009 by the RI Legislature could give businesses the incentive they need to fill jobs and hire new employees.

Though enacted in 2009, the unemployment rate in Rhode Island hit a high of 13.4 in February 2010.

In 2010, the unemployment rate has hovered consistently around 12 percent. This is still considerably higher than that national average of 9.6 percent-which was one of the reasons the legislature passed this credit. And while this slight improvement in employment figures means the state is not adding to is unemployment pool, it does indicate that thousands of people simply cannot find employment.

Part of this decline, experts say, is that people have either left the state to find work elsewhere, or have simply given up trying to find a job.

What may seem like bad news, could actually benefit businesses who are ready to hire. they have a huge pool of eager job-hunters. That means businesses can take advantage of a tax credit of $2,400 per person hired when hiring someone who has been out of work for more than 26 weeks. most people collecting unemployment have been out of work for far longer than that 26 week requirement.

To qualify for the tax credit, in addition to being out of work for at least 26 weeks, the new hire must have received unemployment insurance benefits or received public assistance for one year prior to the date of hire, according to the RI Department of Labor and Training (DLT).

In addition, the employer must file an application for this tax credit with the DLT within 30 days the new employee is hired. in other words, if you snooze, you could lose a $2,400 tax credit.

To receive the credit at tax time, the new hire must remain employed for 52 consecutive weeks and work a minimum of 1,820 hours. once the employee has been unemployed for one year and complied with other aspects of the law, the business must contact the DLT for an eligibility determination.

RI Tax Credit Gives Incentive To Hire Those Out Of Work Long Term

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    Lindsay Lohan News – Lindsay Lohan Pulls Out of ‘Gotti’ Bio Flick – Celebuzz

    She won’t be channeling her inner goombah.

    Lindsay Lohan has been unable to reach terms to star as Victoria Gotti in the biopic Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father and won’t star as a member of the notorious crime clan, Celebuzz has learned.

    “I can confirm that Lindsay has not signed on to be a part of the John Gotti movie, nor is she in talks to join the cast,” the 25-year-old actress’ publicist Steve Honig said, in a statement.

    The film is slated to star John Travolta and Al Pacino in the lead roles of the Gambino kingpin John Gotti and underboss Aniello John “The Tall Guy” Dellacrose.

    “It does not look like an agreement can be made,” Honig added.

    “Lindsay’s representatives and film producers were unable to come to an agreement. Lindsay has the utmost respect for [director] Barry Levinson and the producers and hopes to work with them in the future and wishes them all the best.”

    Previously, mean Girls star Lohan called her casting a huge honor and touted her personal connection to the Gotti family.

    “My dad was in jail with the grandfather,” she said, referring to dad Michael’s four-year stretch in prison, where Lohan said the jailbirds “crossed paths.”

    It’s not all bad news for LiLo, though: She is currently on set shooting scenes for Liz & Dick, another biopic that follows the life of Liz Taylor and her relationship with Richard Burton, who is played by Grant Bowler.

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    What do you think? Would Lindsay have been a good addition to the movie?

    Lindsay Lohan News – Lindsay Lohan Pulls Out of ‘Gotti’ Bio Flick – Celebuzz

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      Recent Movies to Enjoy

      I love to sit inside a darkened cinema, munch on a handful of popcorn, and lose myself in a fictional world filled with colorful characters and inventive dialogue. while many films end up being a disappointment, the pleasant surprises more than make up for it. since you may not have as much time to devote to motion pictures as I do, I’ve put together a list of recent movies that are well worth seeing. some of these should be available at your local multiplex, while others will require a trip to a theatre that shows independent and art house films. but either way, these selections should restore your faith in the art of cinema.

      Winter’s Bone (2010) – sure to be a favorite during Oscar season, Winter’s Bone stars Jennifer Lawrence in a breakthrough role as Ozark resident Ree Dolly. Forced to care for her younger siblings and incapacitated mother, Ree doesn’t even have time to attend high school. while she hunts for food, skins it, and dreams of running away to join the military, she receives some bad news: her meth-dealing father got arrested, put the family farm up as bail, and then skipped town. if he doesn’t show up to court, Ree and her kin will be without a home. Lacking a car or cell phone, she takes to the backwoods trails in a dangerous quest to find her father and bring him back in time for the trial.

      Let Me In (2010) – A bullied 12-year-old (Kodi Smit-McPhee) befriends the new girl across the hall (Chloe Moretz), but it turns out she’s an ancient vampire who may not even be a girl at all. The two outsiders form a bond, one which threatens to forever doom the young boy’s soul. A brilliant remake of the Swedish film Let the Right One In.

      Never Let Me Go (2010) – Based on the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro, this film blends drama and romance with an element of science-fiction. Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley, and Andrew Garfield play three friends who deal with life and love while growing up in a secluded community. I don’t want to spoil all the film’s surprises, so let’s just say that the world has found an inventive new method for organ transplants.

      The Town (2010) – Ben Affleck serves as both star and director in this film about a bank robber who begins a relationship with a woman he once held captive (Rebecca Hall). he intends to leave the criminal life behind, but he gets pulled back into one last heist by his old pal (Jeremy Renner) and a local crime boss (Pete Postlethwaite). Jon Hamm (Mad Men) co-stars as a tenacious FBI agent.

      The Tillman Story (2010) – this powerful documentary takes a look at the life and controversial death of Pat Tillman, a former NFL player who gave up millions of dollars to serve his country in the aftermath of 9/11. The focus is on his death under fire, the subsequent government cover-up, and his family’s search for the truth.

      Get Low (2010) – Robert Duvall is at his crotchety best as Felix Bush, a hermit who emerges from seclusion to purchase a living funeral for himself. bill Murray is the owner of the funeral home, and Lucas Black is his young assistant. The whole town is invited to come and share the stories they’ve heard about Felix over the years, but the old man also has a story of his own to tell. Sissy Spacek co-stars.

      For additional recent movies, you can always consult an aggregate site such as Rotten Tomatoes or Meta Critic. These resources compile reviews from top critics around the globe, and they use these reviews to develop an overall rating for each film. while there’s no accounting for taste, you usually can’t go wrong with a film that achieves an overall score of 90 percent or higher (meaning that 90 out of 100 critics liked it).

      Recent Movies to Enjoy

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        Are You Ready To Win In 2012?

        2012 is almost upon us. And I have some good news and some bad news in regards to the year ahead.

        The bad news? If you think you’re running fast now, get yourself some new track shoes, because the world isn’t slowing down. in fact, it is only going to continue to go faster and get more complex. The good news is that we can turn this challenge into an opportunity by embracing three leadership strategies.

        1. get clear about winning.

        I don’t mean partially clear, or sort of clear. I mean crystal clear on what winning looks like for your organization.

        Become obsessive about winning, defining it with as much specificity as possible. Talk about it all the time with employees and other key stakeholders. put visual reminders around you. Prompt yourself via your smart phone. make sure every meeting starts out talking about winning. Embed your definition of winning into all your ways of working.

        The hard part is that we can no longer define winning once, and then let it go. We now have to constantly revise and update our picture of winning as the world changes around us. We need to continually think about winning, continually fine-tune our version of winning, and continually move towards it while bringing our employees along with us.

        Why is the pursuit of winning so important?

        In keeps people focused and motivated. It aligns them with the vision and direction of the organization. It gives them a sense of purpose and a reason to show up for work every day. And it gives people the courage and tenacity to fight through setbacks and adversity.

        Perhaps most important, winning helps people believe they can accomplish anything. just look at what Tim Tebow is doing with the Denver Broncos. he has taken his team from last to first in their division in less than half a season. And he’s got them (and an entire city) believing they could go all the way to the Super Bowl. And even if they don’t, the ride will have been an amazing one setting them up to be winners next season as well.

        What could your team accomplish if people knew what winning looked like, believed they could do it, and focused on it every day?

        2. Shed your outdated ways of looking at the world.

        What gets in the way of winning?

        More often than not, it’s our old ideas about what we know to be true about our customers, markets, and industries. It’s our brain’s natural tendency to screen in information that agrees with our view of the world and screen out data that contradicts it. And it’s our thought bubbles (unspoken thoughts and assumptions) that tell us what made us successful in the past will continue to make us successful in the future.

        I’m not saying all old ideas are bad. but when our world changes so quickly, we need to make a habit of checking our ideas, assumptions, and beliefs on a regular basis. And by regular, I mean every few months, at minimum. Once a year will not cut it

        Start by gathering information on what you know to be true. Not what you assume, speculate or hope, but what you know to be true through verifiable data. for example, aging populations, changing employee demographics, shifting customer communication channels, etc. Then compare this data with what you think you know to be true.

        Put the two data sets together and begin to explore:

        • Of what we know to be true, what is no longer true? Why?
        • What has changed with our customers? our industry?
        • What new wants or needs do our customers have?
        • What new services and/or products can we come up with to meet those needs?
        • How can we redefine value in our market?

        3.slow down to go fast.

        I’ve been talking about this concept for several years, and it becomes even more important in 2012.

        Slowing down to go fast requires pausing occasionally to step back from your day-to-day, and re-evaluate the world around you. take a look at trends and significant events beyond the walls of your business, and even your industry as a whole. what are other companies doing that might be applied to your business? what patterns and connections can you make that other people might not see?

        Get in the habit of asking what if questions like: what if we could solve the one unsolvable problem that everyone in our industry is ignoring? Or, what would happen if our biggest competitor suddenly went out of business? Focus on identifying opportunities to add value to your customers in ways that nobody else is doing. Develop significant initiatives that support leveraging those opportunities, and get (and keep) everyone in your organization clear on achieving them.

        Set yourself up to win by creating space for your brain to ponder, wonder, explore, and connect.for example, start meetings by asking, When we have done this incredibly well, how will we have done it? This will prompt your brain to look for solutions rather than what’s in the way.

        Winning is about subtle shifts in language and behavior each and every day. Ultimately, it comes down to whether you’re looking for and working towards solutions, or talking about and focusing on roadblocks.

        It’s easy to tell the companies that have a clear picture of winning versus those that don’t. for example, Southwest Airlines is really clear on their mission as the low-cost provider. No baggage fees. No change fees. Constantly fine-tuning faster ways to load the airplane. They get it, their employees get it, and so do their loyal customers.

        Counter this with American Airlines, which recently filed for bankruptcy. I frequently fly American because I live in San Diego and have limited options. I have no clue how their leadership defines winning, but I am guessing it varies dramatically from how their flight attendants and gate personnel currently define it. I often wonder if their idea of winning is to see how badly they can tick off their passengers every day.

        When it comes to winning, make sure everyone in your ecosystem gets it. Not just employees, but suppliers, vendors, partners, alliances, and even (and especially) your customers. When you’re a winner, it’s obvious to those who meet you and work with you.

        Get clear on winning in 2012. start looking at the world differently. And slow down to go fast so that you can focus on solutions rather than what’s getting in the way. Playing to not lose is just as hard and not nearly as much fun

        Are You Ready To Win In 2012?

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