Syracuse Job Guide – The Best Careers in Syracuse, New York

Syracuse is the fifth largest city in one of our nation’s most prominent states, new York. With a population of roughly 147,000 residents, Syracuse has recently been showing signs of rapid growth. in fact, in 2006, Syracuse tied with new York City for the highest job growth in the state. this is due in some part to the recent expansion of several prominent educational institutes, like Upstate Medical University, a branch of the State University of new York (SUNY) and Syracuse University. These two colleges are the city’s first and second largest employers, respectively. The area known as University Hill is the city’s fastest growing neighborhood, adding dozens of small businesses and residential complexes.

Syracuse is often seen as a highly desirable place to live, both culturally and economically. in 2010 Forbes rated the city as the fourth best places to raise a Family in the United States. It is also unique among northeast cities in that the cost of living is relatively low. Economically, Syracuse has the rare distinction of being home to large number of small businesses as opposed to only a few large ones. this encourages diversity as well as promoting stability, since the entire workforce can’t be threatened by the closing of one company. in addition, most of the city’s top employers are in the educational and service industries, which overall tend to be much more stable than their manufacturing counterparts. However, manufacturing is still an important part of Syracuse’s economy.

In recent years, Syracuse has seen a major surge in the number of financial, corporate and business institutes operating out of the city. this has come at an important time, when more and more manufacturing jobs have left the region in favor of less expensive labor overseas. The cost of doing business in Syracuse was recently ranked as the sixth lowest in the country, a major factor for attracting new companies and encouraging the expansion of existing ones in the city.

There is an extremely high concentration of medical facilities in the area, due in the large part to the presence of Upstate Medical University and the affiliated hospitals and clinics. It should come as no surprise, then, that registered nurse is the most popular career choice in the entire city. There are almost 6,000 men and women working as nurses in the city today and they are well paid for their essential work. On average, a registered nurse in Syracuse earns about $56,000 a year, with salaries for experienced and well-educated employees reaching as high as $86,000 annually.

Another popular job in the healthcare industry is that of medical and health services manager. These employees essentially work on the business end of health care, overseeing budgets, equipment, new hires, and other day-to-day operations in a medical facility. There are almost 700 of these employees in the city, each one earning an average of about $66,000 a year. Talented employees can expect to take home a salary of up to $134,000.

Since education is such an important part of the city’s economy, there are thousands of employment opportunities in this arena. Of the top ten most popular careers in the city, four of them are devoted to educating the city’s youth. Elementary school teacher is the most popular, with about 3,600 of the working in Syracuse’s school systems. this is followed by high school and middle school teachers. All three of these types of teachers tend to earn about the same salary, usually around $56,000 a year. a teacher with many years of experience in the Syracuse school systems can expect to earn up to $80,000 a year.

Syracuse Job Guide – The Best Careers in Syracuse, New York

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