Sweeten Up Your Wristwear: Juiced Watches

Get amped up- excuse us- juiced up for these bright and bold watches ready to hit the scene. Joey Lasalla, owner and founder of Juiced Watches has created a brand of brightly colored wristwear — just in time for summer.

Bright, bold watches are a hot trend right now, as we’ve seen designer after designer coming out with their own version of the popular accessory. Lasalla, however, took the idea a step further by offering customizable options. His white and multi-color non-led watches as well as his LXD illuminator watches can be made to fit your style.

What do we mean by this you ask? for $27.99-$39.99 you can order as is OR swap out the bands and faces with each other to create new color combos in order to get exactly what you’re looking for. the best part to these two collections is that they are interchangeable with each other as well!

photo courtesy of juicedwatches.com for the concertgoers and nightlife lovers, we think the LXD illuminators are a great fit for the scene as they light up and illuminate while also flashing crazy bright colors. if you’re wanting to sport the look but don’t want to get that crazy, we think you’ll love his white and multi-colored non-led watches.

Last, but certainly not least, is the LED Digital watch collection. Lasalla has predicted to this line to be a top seller as its versatility is fantastic; wear them from the gym, to a night out in the city. These bright beauties are going for $39.99 and come in 5 different colors: pink, red, black, white, and purple.

Juiced Watches can be purchased at juicedwatches.com. for a limited time, purchase 2 or more watches and get free shipping!

Sweeten Up Your Wristwear: Juiced Watches

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