Sweet Christmas wishes

Christmas was little sweeter for a local mom in palliative care, thanks to a donation from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory at Lougheed Town Centre.

Owner and Port Moody resident Chris Ostenstad wanted brighten up the holidays for Jodi Nicolson, a friend and single mom, dying of breast cancer.

On Christmas Eve, Ostenstad brought in a three-foot chocolate Santa from her sweet shop.

“I thought, you know, even if the thing never gets eaten, which we know it will because everybody likes chocolate, what a great thing to bring,” Ostenstad said. “Even though it’s a sad time, they still received something that is so extraordinary. In our business, we usually say: no matter what the situation, chocolate usually makes everybody happy.”

Nicolson was diagnosed with breast cancer about five years ago. she received treatment and was doing well until last November, when the cancer had returned. she has been in palliative care for about three weeks and has outlived doctors’ expectations, Ostenstad said.

Nicolson spent the holidays in care, and her family reconstructed Christmas in her room.

“Everything was done in the palliative care unit. The family set up the big Christmas tree, and they had all the gifts in her room, and basically family has been coming and going around the clock,” Ostenstad said.

Nicolson’s sister, Danielle, said Jodi was happy to receive three feet of chocolate.

“She was very happy, very excited. she didn’t know what she was going to do to eat all that chocolate,” Danielle said, adding they might donate it to Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children, a rehabilitation centre for kids with disabilities.

The milk chocolate Santa is three feet tall and weighs about 30 pounds.

Jodi, 38, is a single-mom with three kids, one of whom has cerebral palsy.

There is a trust fund set up to help the family. Donations can be made to the Nicolson family at VanCity, branch 17, account number 455741. Proceeds will help pay for education for two of the daughters and care for the third.


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Sweet Christmas wishes

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