Strategic Planning for Fund Raising

When it is the height of elections, there is unmistakably countless strategic planning for fund raising. even if aspiring politicians detest pleading for money, they simply have to in order to support their candidacy. yes, they may have their own resources but there are also some where their acquired wealth is not enough. just imagine the amount that they need to come up so they can travel to different places to visit future constituents as well as print publicity materials.

Cards laid on the table says that there is the absence of strategic planning for fund raising, either one of two things will happen, it will directly be from your pocket or continue with the process without any pecuniary assistance. Well, it is absolutely alright if you have a fat bank account so you can write big checks. This was pretty much the same case with Jon Corzine when he dispensed $60 million to gain a Senate position in new Jersey. Michael Bloomberg is no other when he spent $74 million in order win the mayoralty race in new York.

Putting that you are an incumbent officer and the person running against you is virtually a nobody, with that thought, you are safe and hardly, not much requirement for a strategic planning for fund raising. However, this should not be reason to be laid back because that may be the reason for your loss. Taking chances should never be considered especially when the game is seriously played. just take for example the story of the hare and tortoise. The hare was depending too much on the fact that he is way faster than the tortoise. Due to such, he took a short nap but little did he know, it was long and the tortoise arrived in the finish line first.

In strategic planning for fund raising, contributors play a great role as they are the ones who provide fiscal facility. most of them are business tycoons who want to be recognized as they also have their own hidden agenda. However, that is not the focus of this topic. Going back, an estimated budget should be prepared by your treasurer so you will have an idea how much will be involved. Afterwhich, you can identify those that are potential. You can set an appointment with them over lunch perhaps so you can entirely bring to their attention your purposes. another is to also ask from your associates or tell them to organize an event where they can gather bucks that can be used by you. You can even attend to their schedules as it also an opportunity for you to reach out to those that you will be serving soon. Since the internet is a very influential medium right now, you can send e-mail to your closest friends whom you know can be of such great help.

Strategic Planning for Fund Raising

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