Straight Talk’s Samsung Finesse R810c Prepaid Smartphone

Many prepaid wireless companies suffer from a lack of good cell phone handset options. this has been a problem for prepaid providers in the past. But now, Straight Talk has no such issue since it has released the Samsung Finesse r810c for use on its pay as you go service.

We have seen many changes in the prepaid world between the supposed prepaid price war and all of the new unlimited plans that were unveiled over the past year. Clearly, prepaid is now a viable option for more people looking to save money or who just want to be free from a contract plan.

One of the major deterrents that turns people off from prepaid plans is the poor phone choice. Straight Talk Wireless has taken steps to remedy this problem by adding the Samsung Finesse r810c smartphone to its phone options.

This means that Straight Talk customers can use the Finesse with both of the company’s plans. The $30 all you need plan is for 1,000 minutes of talk time and 1,000 text messages. in addition, customers get 30 mb of data.

The $45 Unlimited Straight Talk plan is much like the Boost Mobile Monthly Unlimited prepaid plan because it provides unlimited use of your phone for talking, text messaging, and web browsing. in addition, subscribers to this plan also get unlimited 411 calls and a plan that runs on a solid network (the Verizon prepaid network).

There are plenty of good looking plans out there that may save you money and Straight Talk’s are right up there with the best of them and may even edge most others out. The fact that Straight Talk has put the Finesse into its lineup (as MetroPCS did before it) shows that it wants to be aggressive in courting new users and may even release more smartphones that work with its plans in the future.

This phone has a large (3.2 inch) screen that is bright and attractive, which matches the pleasant look of the phone’s shape and style. The phone utilized EVDO data access and an html browser, which makes surfing the Internet and accessing email very simple and painless. Finesse also has a decent camera that takes stills and even video footage.

It is simple to add extra memory to the phone if you store a lot of data. On the other side of things, the Samsung Finesse is quite expensive at $329 just for the phone. this is pretty expensive for a prepaid phone, but pretty average for a smartphone. still, if you think you’re getting an iPhone competitor, think again.

The Finesse may have ample higher end functionality, but it will not replace (prepaid or otherwise) the beloved iPhone. It does not have the ability to use third-party applications or apps, it doesn’t have wi-fi support, and it reportedly does not stream video that well. still, it pays to remember that Straight Talk prepaid plans do run on Verizon’s prepaid wireless network, which is a very good thing.

All that being said, for a cell phone user looking for the intersection of a very affordable prepaid plan and a smartphone, this phone might be worth considering.

Straight Talk’s Samsung Finesse R810c Prepaid Smartphone

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