Sting And Trudie Styler’s Interview With Harpers Bazaar

Oh, mr and Mrs Gordon Sumner. How do you do it? if these two ever split up it would just break our hearts. Who would be our poster children for the benefits of tantric sex and yoga then? not that they’ve ever been shy about talking about the details of their raunchy sex life, but Sting and Trudie Styler told Harper’s Bazaar about some stuff we didn’t know, and then some. And FYI: these two have been together for almost three decades and married since 1992, so they’re doing something right. The photographs of the couple getting rather, erm, close, were taken by who else, but Terry Richardson. Mention the word “sex” and he’s there like a condom on prom night.

Sting revealed, “when we see each other, it’s romance. I don’t think pedestrian sex is very interesting. There’s a playfulness we have; I like the theater of sex. I like to look good. I like her to dress up. I like to dress her up…Romantic? we like tawdry.” The best part was when Sting spoke about the their bond. “Relationships aren’t easy, and I don’t think they’re particularly natural, but we’re lucky because we actually like each other. we love each other–that’s a given—but Trudie lights my world up when she comes into a room. I don’t take her for granted. I could lose her. He’d have to be very rich and very handsome, but …”

Swoon. No one could be more handsome (or rich), Sting.  Seriously.

Sting And Trudie Styler’s Interview With Harpers Bazaar

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