Sonic 4 – Episode 2: Game Review

Released by SEGA Platform: PS3

Sonic’s back and carrying on as normal in the gaming style whichmade him so popular way back in the 1980s.

Basically, in this extended game and sequel to Sonic 4, DrEggman is alive again and Sonic, along with his pal Tails, set outto stop him.

It’s the usual style for Sonic – you rush around collectingrings, avoiding baddies and beating end of level bosses. To behonest, it’s a little of the formulaic if it’s not broke, don’t fixit mentality – and to be fair to the gaming, that’s no badthing.

You don’t play Sonic for heaps of storyline – you play it forthe vicarious thrill of speeding through the worlds, marvelling atthe bright backgrounds which defy gravity and physics as you zipthrough the worlds. And this latest, isn’t exactly much deviationfrom that – though it is eye poppingly good and playableenough.

You get to team up with Tails as he joins forces with you toeither combine to make a super speed combo or latch onto Sonic’sback and lift him out of danger. Each level brings a newcombination potential and more chances to soar above theskyline.

With boss and bonus levels, there’s certainly relatively enoughto be getting on with – and there are no major bugs as you boundaround the screen, bumping into baddies and collecting rings hereand there – so it’s playable enough fare.


The question with Sonic 4 Ep 2 is whether it’s enough to keepyou going back and forth for more gaming and I have to say whileit’s good to kill an hour or so, there’s not heaps of repeat playsin this latest game; it’s pleasant enough for a bit of fun and abrainless gaming experience but for my money, last year’s SonicGenerations is the better and more fun game.

Sonic 4 – Episode 2: Game Review

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