Software Likely To Show Up On The iPhone 5

We often hear about the rumors surrounding the specs of the iPhone 5. However, not often do we hear about the software that is likely to show up on the upcoming iOS-powered smartphone. There are rumors of Apple outfitting the new phone with a 4 inch retina display. We’ve heard that the handset will sport the quad-core A6 chip. we have even heard reports of the new smartphone supporting 4G LTE networks for lightning-speed internet. Sadly, it’s not often we hear about software. Here, we will try to predict what software the new phone will come with.

First of all, it’s a dead cert the Cupertino firm will launch their new flagship running their next generation operating system. currently, the iOS 5 is the latest software the firm has to offer. Traditionally, Apple launches new hardware sporting new software. this was the case with the 4S and the iOS 5. It is likely to be the same case with the new handset. Judging from the way the company rolls out new software, it is likely to showcase new software on a new device. this new hardware is said to be their new smartphone.

There were a number of features on the 4S that has created a lot of waves in the mobile world. One of these is Siri. this is the voice-controlled personal assistant that can be found exclusively on their current phone. Siri will do anything you tell her to do. She can send text messages at your command. She will dial numbers found on your phonebook. She will even look up local business that you might be interested in. these include restaurants, shops, and stores. She will even humor you with her witty remarks. this unique feature is likely to make it on the 4S’s successor. We’d actually be surprised if it didn’t. However, we’re not sure if Apple will stick to the name Siri. after all, the late Steve Jobs did not like the name. He just couldn’t think of anything better to name the app.

Another dead cert is iCloud. this is Apple’s online storing service. we are likely to see this feature on the iPhone 5. this will allow you to share almost everything across your iOS-powered devices. Let’s say that you have purchased an app on the smartphone. if ever you need to run the app on your new iPad, you do not have to purchase it all over again. Apple’s iCloud shares apps across your devices. this also works on eBooks, documents, movies, and music.

These are the features we feel the iPhone 5 will come with. However, who knows what new features Apple has in store for us?

Software Likely To Show Up On The iPhone 5

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