Socrates the Lover

Socrates the Lover is intended to make the life and personality of the philosopher Socrates more transparent. we view an intimate portrait of the life of Socrates and bear witness to the stir that he caused amongst the Athenian people.

With original music and light dance numbers, Socrates the Lover has a charming soundtrack, which included a four-part singing chorus. The chorus started us off with a hip-hop stylized number that led me to believe the music was moving to a wacky place. But, eventually it leveled out to mere harmonies that provided a well-balanced context to the production.

The singing chorus narrates the historical events that take place in Socrates’ lifetime. They also serve as a reactionary audience to how Socrates is received in society. Chuckles shook the other audience at a few given points provided by Jon Douglass’ character, a laughable Meletus. Douglass also plays Alcibiades and Charmides. many of the players, aside from Socrates, switch between various roles, which is a distinction easily recognizable.

There is a fair amount of sexual overtone. Characters consistently point to the handsome features each has and we learn people are revered by their appearance and godly likeness. Though Socrates has a different attitude toward his lifestyle. his wife, Xantippe, agrees to marry him under the condition that he maintains personal hygiene. Such a task is difficult for Socrates, who is more concerned with the state of his soul than with his physical appearance.

Socrates the Lover will appeal whether or not you appreciate or care to learn more about Greek philosophy. If you enjoy asking key philosophical questions, then you will reap a reward from the teachings of Socrates. You may even leave in fits of rage over how mistreated he was in society.

Socrates the Lover

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