Smartphone web traffic growth is left in tablets’ wake

TABLET USERS are starting to dominate mobile web traffic consumption, according to Adobe, and are overshadowing the growth generated by their smartphone peers.

“Tablets are emerging as the consumer device of choice,” said Brad Rencher, SVP and GM of Digital Marketing Business at Adobe as he introduced the firm’s latest findings on the market.

He was talking about the Adobe Digital Index (PDF) that looks at how and where mobile browsers are mobile browsing. the report, which is of decent length for this sort of thing, does not break down devices used other than the vanilla “tablets” and “smartphones” descriptions, but does suggest that the Apple Ipad dominates.

Listed under its reasons for more tablet traffic growth is a line that suggests that “stonger competitors to the Ipad” will be released, adding that this will be “enabled by Microsoft’s release of Windows 8 and Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility and planned co-branding of Android tablet devices”, which makes sense.

Tablet traffic is already increasing nicely and is growing at a rate 200 times faster than that produced by smartphones when they launched.

The report reveals that this means that one year after the Ipad was released tablets had around one per cent of the total web browsing market, while two years later tablets had over three per cent. by comparison, it took the Iphone a full three years to reach one per cent of total web visits.

Adobe said that in the last year tablet traffic has increased by 300 per cent and the firm added that tablets’ share of web site traffic will start to exceed smartphone traffic early next year before accounting for 10 per cent of total web site traffic in 2014.

It said smartphones have just over six per cent of the market and tablets have 4.3 per cent. µ

Smartphone web traffic growth is left in tablets’ wake

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