SmartPhone Comparison – Samsung BlackJack vs. Cingular 8525

The Samsung blackJack is one of the best mobile phones in the market. it is known to be the best 3G- facilitated phone. it is one of the slim and sleekest mobile with a striking screen and comes with the support for video and music services. the Cingular 8525 is the best mobile pocket pc which provides access to the internet, email and also for your business applications, with the speed of broadband. And it also has the voice and data functionality so that you won’t miss a message or a call when you browse the net. Here you will come across the best and smartest phone comparison of the Samsung black jack vs. cingular 8525.

The Samsung blackJack is easy to use. There are more of entertainment features and the business applications the phone features lot of entertainment options like, you can listen to music, see video clips and also can browse the internet. the small jack has incredible color screen, and also wireless broadband facilities. it also contains 1.3 mega pixel digi cam which can record video and take pictures of your choice. you can also connect Bluetooth headset to this beautiful Samsung blackJack. Whereas the cingular 8525 has a built in keyboard, Wi-Fi, and 3G wireless networking. when compared to other phones the cingular 8525 connects to the net faster and its speed is relatively high. it has 2 mega pixel camera with the ample resolution. it gives you with the best connectivity service.

You can also get a clear idea seeing the comparisons of Samsung blackJack accessories. There are plenty of Samsung accessories for you to choose. from the Samsung memory cards, covers to protector cases you can find everything. the Samsung blackJack accessories also include Bluetooth devices and also audio connectivity. from the travel charger to the data cable you can find everything you want in the Samsung blackJack accessories. when you decide to buy cingular 8525 accessories there is a wide choice to make. that is from the cell phone and PDA screen protector to signal booster there is lot more of accessories available. from the car holder to the transflash memory car reader you can make your pick from these cingular 8525 accessories. you can also get the sim card information backup device. the cingular 8525 accessories also include pen stylus and also beautiful cases.

The BlackJack is slightly faster when compared to other Smart phones available in the market. But the cingular is the fastest in the connectivity. If you are used to other mobile phones then you will be surprised when you use the black jack. the application process is different when compared to other phones. the cingular 8525 is considered to be more potential than the blackJack. the other draw back is that the blackJack has only 1.2 mega pixel and it don’t have Wi-Fi and it has a small screen.

The 8525, is a PDA which allows additional programs it also allow you to work on Word and Excel. If you want to work on these applications then you have to make your choice of buying a cingular and not a blackJack. the blackJack doesn’t have touch screen. If you are interested in getting a phone with some extra features then the blackJack is your right choice, whereas if you want to buy one for your business and personal applications then the 8525 will be the right alternative.

SmartPhone Comparison – Samsung BlackJack vs. Cingular 8525

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