Smartphone comparison on the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the new Samsung Galaxy S3

In this comparison of smartphones the top selling Galaxy S2 has now actually been accompanied by its brand-new stable mate the Galaxy S3 which is definitely the company’s most recent main Android smartphone. the Galaxy S2 is renowned for the high quality associated with its touch screen, and in this post I am going to find out how its successor measures up in this specific division.

Among the first factors you will certainly notice in this smartphone comparison when you hold these smartphones alongside each other is definitely the size difference between the two. the Samsung Galaxy S3 is noticeably bigger than its predecessor mainly because of the display.

At 4.8 inches, it is just a full half inch larger than that of the Galaxy S2. this increasing amount of size was indeed anticipated by many people because the competition from the likes of HTC as well as LG incorporated much bigger displays such as their respective prior flagship models. Undoubtedly there are numerous advantages to experiencing a larger display, particularly if you make use of your smartphone intended for multimedia tasks for example viewing movies, playing video games as well as surfing around the internet.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is famous with regard to the level of quality associated with their S-AMOLED Plus capacitive touch screen, which provides numerous advantages including superb color saturation, wide viewing angles and superior degrees of fine detail together with clearness of its on screen imagery. In this smartphone comparison it’s clear this technologies been specifically implemented within the Samsung Galaxy S3; nonetheless it boasts the additional bonus of a much higher resolution of 720×1280 incomparison to the 480x 800 of its predecessor. this increases the multimedia credentials while using the smartphone, as high definition videos can be played in all their glory on the large screen. the frequently used Corning Gorilla glass is additionally incorporated, which helps prevent the display from becoming accidentally damaged whether it is dropped or perhaps transported inside a pants pocket or just bag together with things such as keys which may potentially damage the display screen.

Basically the Samsung Galaxy S3 encourages upon the winning formula of the Galaxy S2, specifically in regards to its display in this smartphone comparison. there are numerous additional features that will make this a desirable smartphone though. Samsung’s state-of-the-art user interface (TouchWiz) thus far, based around Android’s new ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ release, features plenty of new features like S-Voice (a Siri-like voice triggered personal assistant), and not to mention SmartEye tracking. the latter utilizes the smartphones front facing camera to track the motions of your eyes in order that the display will never lock whenever you are looking at it.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 might be simply by far the most state-of-the-art smartphone currently on the current market, and also the screen represents a huge part of the handset’s attractiveness. Chances are that this smartphone will benefit from comparable quantities of popularity just as its predecessor that has up to now, sold more than 40 million devices globally. I hope you enjoyed this smartphone comparison.

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Smartphone comparison on the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the new Samsung Galaxy S3

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