Smartphone comparison: HTC One V vs ZTE Orbit

This time, we will have the comparison between the HTC one V vs the ZTE Windows Phone, which are both the mid-range smartphones. so, without any further this and that, we present you the comparison between the smartphones from HTC and ZTE.

Dimension and DesignWell, the HTC one V has dimension of 120.3×59.7×9.2mm and weight of 115g, while the ZTE Orbit is now still TBC

The HTC one V’s design is a little bit boring since it has the similar design with the older HTC smartphone. The phone also has kind of weird chin on the bottom part of it, which give no flavour at all to the design of the phone.

While the ZTE Orbit is quite more interesting in the design, since it has a seeping and rounded shape with nice proportions. however, the black panel has quite nice contour and has a texture on the surface of the device. in this case, it seems that the ZTE Orbit is quite more interesting than the HTC one V.

DisplayThe HTC one V has a small 3.7 inches capacitive multi-touch display which features 800×480 pixel resolution and high pixel density at 252 ppi.

In the other side, the ZTE Orbit has a large screen which as big as 4-inches TFT capacitive display and multi-touch functionality support. it has the same resolution with its opponent and a little bit lower pixel density at 233 ppi.

StorageThe HTC one V is equipped with 4GB internal storage and can be expanded using a microSD slot up to 32GB.

While the ZTE Orbit has the same internal storage capacity, but this device does not supported with microSD slot so the storage cannot be expanded.

Both of the device has the same 512 of RAM.

ProcessorThe HTC one V features 1 GHz Qualcomm single-core processor.

While the ZTE Orbit also has the same single-core 1 GHz Qualcomm processor. it seems that both of the device has the same power in the processor.

Operating SystemThe HTC one V is running on the latest Google OS platform, Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich.

On the other side, we have the ZTE Orbit which is running on the different platform with its opponent. it runs on the Microsoft Windows Phone OS, and uses the Tango build that is designed for such lower-price phones.

However, we cannot judge which one is better than another since both of the OS are good and supported with many third-party apps, so its up to your taste which one is suits you better.

CameraWhen we are talking about the camera, both of the devices share the same camera setups which is 5-MP rear camera at 2592×1944 pixel resolution, and also supported with LED flash, geo-tagging, autofocus, and 720p video capture.

However, it seems that the HTC still has a lead here since it has more impressive features such as back-illuminated sensor, multi-shot more, white balance, geo tagging, night mode, and many others. This way, the HTC one V is a way much better than its opponent.

After all, both of the device have only different hardware specs differences, yet they both running on different operating system. so, which one is suits you better, folks? please share your opinion related with those two devices at the comment section below

Smartphone comparison: HTC One V vs ZTE Orbit

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