Smart Phone Apps Will One Day Replace the Family Doctor

One thing we talk about most often in our think Tank is human health, and since we are focused on solving problems of course our members spend a lot of time discussing our Nation’s Health Care system. did you know that 77% of Americans believe that the US has one of the best health care available in the world, it’s true, and the data was recently published in Bloomberg Magazine’s year end review – one of the main reasons US Citizens believe this is simply because; It’s True

Did you know that Google Tracks anonomized data for certain searches such as Flu Symptoms and is able to help the CDC with invaluable data as to how the fast and in which regions the flu is spreading? think of the importance of this to get medicines in the right place, in the right quantities, on time, or JIT?

Okay so, today, I had a thought, an add-on to a former project we did with regards to using smart phones to help track the users diet and assist them in staying healthy, but before I give you my idea, let me tell you of something recently in the media, new research, because I ‘d like to take this one-step further if I might.

There was an interesting article on Kurzweil’s Accelerating Intelligence online newsletter on January 9, 2011 titled; a ultra-high-res 100 nm microscope on your cell phone? which was posted by the editor. The article stated;

Researchers at Michigan Tech have taken a major step toward creating a superlens that could use visible light to see objects as small as 100 nanometers across. The secret lies in metamaterials called plasmons, special nanostructures with charged oscillations near the surface of thin metal films. when excited by an electromagnetic field, they gather light waves from an object and refract it in a way not seen in nature, called negative refraction. this lets the lens overcomes the diffraction limit.

But it now turns out that they can bypass this diffraction limit. okay so, rather than get into the light-science in here, as I don’t want to bore any of you non-science techies, let’s switch to the incredible applications this might create in the future, some of the killer apps which will inevitably change the way we live, and enhance our lives.

Imagine taking a high quality picture of let’s say your spit or mucous with your smart phone. it would then upload that picture to the cloud data center, which would use Optical Recognition to determine what bacteria, virus, or flu was getting the best of you? in other words it would find out what virus or cold you have, then buy the medicine online from your smart phone, and a doctor could approve it based on the data instantly.

Smart Phone Apps Will One Day Replace the Family Doctor

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