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( it was 10 years back on Nov fifteen when Microsoft attracted the attention of video game players with a video game system that would change the concept of video gaming. 10 years after Xbox release, Xbox 360 Pro remains a video gaming phenomenon in spite of of the huge competition. Although, Xbox 360 Pro isn’t a new game system release, it is still one of the most preferred choices among professional and amateur game players around the planet. A recent consumer poll disclosed that “Xbox 360 leads in consumer satisfaction in Japan,” with virtually 80% ahead of Sony’s PS3 and Wii. According to the same survey, Xbox 360 is the most played home video game system with virtually 30 hours of utilisation per week. “These findings are barely surprising,” said [name here], pro video game player and founding figure behind one of the hottest Xbox 360 web resources. “Each of the top 3 video game systems, Xbox 360, Play Station and Wii, provides special features and that is exactly what makes consumers’ choice less complicated. when it comes to Xbox 360 Pro, it’s a choice for people that want real value for their money” he explained. However, what makes Xbox 360 Pro stick out from other comparable products and even top some of the most recent releases? it seems the best virtue of Xbox 360 Pro is it has all a game player may want – wonderful graphics, extraordinary sound, ultimate gaming performance, excellent entertainment capabilities, at a particularly affordable price. another major virtue of Xbox 360 is that it’s completely simple to utilise and service. Thanks to the fact that it’s a model survived the test of time, users can nicely use it without the chance of any surprising problems or complex upkeep issues. Ultimately, Xbox 360 Pro is now usually sold with various free elements such as additional controllers, cables and such like, that ought really to be purchased separately in case you would go for another model. therefore, it seems that the way ahead for Xbox video game consoles may well be in their past. In spite of the huge number of newer video game system releases, Xbox 360 Pro stays one of the finest choices for both professional and greenhorn video game players worldwide because it features exceptional gaming and entertainment at exceptional cost.mark Hubbard is a professional Xbox game player and founder of, a leading online resource devoted to the most recent reports, events, guidance and hints that emerge from the arena of gaming. – Xbox 360 Pro: Turn Back to the Future of Gaming and Entertainment – Gadgets & Gizmo's – News

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