Sir Barton, the First Triple Crown Winner in 1919, Won Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Withers, & Belmont

Sir Barton is a famous race horse that was born back in 1916 and is most notable for being the first American Triple Crown winner back in 1919. Winning the Triple Crown would eventually become the benchmark for greatness in the sport of horse racing and in roughly a century the feat has only occurred eleven times to date (including the initial accomplishment by Sir Barton). it has been over thirty years since the last horse accomplished the increasingly difficult feat when Affirmed locked up the Triple Crown in 1978.

The American Triple Crown is the name given to the rare feat of winning the three most prestigious horse races in the United States in the same season. these three races which conclude the standard season for elite race horses are run during a five week span from the first weekend in May to the middle of June.

The three prized races are:

  1. The Kentucky Derby which is a 1.25 mile race held annually on the first Saturday in May at the Churchill Downs track in Louisville, Kentucky.
  2. The Preakness Stakes is held two weeks after the Kentucky Derby on the third Saturday in May at the Pimlico race Course in Baltimore, Maryland. This is a 1 and 3/16 mile race.
  3. The Belmont Stakes concludes the race for the Triple Crown on either the first or second Saturday of June (three weeks after the Preakness and five weeks after the Kentucky Derby) at Belmont Park in Elmont new York. the 1.5 mile race is held on Long Island.

Sir Barton, a chestnut thoroughbred, was the first horse to successfully navigate consecutive victories in each of the three races described above. In his quest for racing history Sir Barton was assisted by an experienced jockey in Johnny Loftus and an exceptional trainer in H. Guy Bedwell.

Because the Triple Crown format had not yet reached the level of sophistication that is enjoys today the racing structure was a bit different when Sir Barton became the first Triple Crown winner in 1919. After Barton won handily in the Kentucky Derby by five lengths he raced again at the Preakness only five days later (today there is a two week hiatus). the Belmont Stakes also proved to be no challenge for Sir Barton who led the entire way in a winning effort. between the Preakness and Belmont Stakes Sir Barton actually raced in another completion known as the Withers Stakes and won there too before heading to Elmont, new York for the Belmont Stakes. a record breaking performance at the Belmont Stakes was an impressive fourth win in only 32 days for the horse that forever cemented his place in history as the first Triple Crown winner.

Sir Barton, the First Triple Crown Winner in 1919, Won Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Withers, & Belmont

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