Should i trade Donald Driver for Brandon Jacobs?

My WRs now are Steve Smith, Donald Driver, Larry Fitzgerald, and Brandon Marshall. so I've got 4 good solid receivers and I think I can afford to trade one of them.

My RBs are Travis Henry, DeShaun Foster and Fred Taylor. I obviously need a good second running back (this league starts 3 WRs and 2 RBs a game with no RB/WR combo slot and is 14 teams deep).

What do you think, should I make the trade?

Brandon Jacobs is out, pick up Ruben Droughns, he's prolly not on anyon's roster and he's gonna prolly start 4 the giants today, keep Driver, since ur sacked at reciever, wave fitzgerald out there and see if u can pick up a better RB. Rbs win leagues, not recievers. Derrick ward is prolly out today..

I don't know if I'd call Brandon Marshall Solid. but you definitely need help in the RB dept. with you success of the packers you can do better than Jacobs especially since when Jacobs gets back he will split time with Ward.

with your team i actually would you are a little weak at rb and strong at WR's do it

I think that Jacobs is still on the IR. he may be able to help you but not sure when he is going to get any significant playing time. Ward is the man in NY right now and he ain't all that. Henry will do well for you and I think I would start Foster over Taylor. I would not make the trade unless you know that Jacobs is healed and ready to play again. if he is healthy, he may be a good pick up, but I would think about letting go of a productive WR. they are hard to find.

Should i trade Donald Driver for Brandon Jacobs?

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