Secrets of Ashton-Drake Doll Artistry

What a concept Each doll begins with an idea, or concept. Doll artists work with Ashton-Drake to develop that idea into a collection of dolls that speak to the human emotions in a special way. then ideas become reality: facial expressions, eye colors and costuming come to life . doll pose, accessories, props and various other minute details are decided. With great precision each doll is designed to create a unique experience.

Masterfully Molded: the artist is now ready to create an original sculpture of the doll. this artist original will be used to create master molds in the finest bisque porcelain.

Lovingly Hand-Painted: at this point, the fine porcelain is hand-painted to capture the special mood and emotion of each doll.

Designer Costuming: while the creation of the porcelain is under way, costume artists set to work creating sample costumes for the dolls in a wide variety of colors, patterns and styles.

Quality Control: no Ashton-Drake doll is approved until it has been put through rigorous quality checks ensuring that the dolls meet meticulous standards.

Fire up the Kilns: When a doll has been approved it begins to be crafted for collectors around the world. the limited supply often creates high demand creating extreme value for these collectibles.

The Envelope, Please: When you receive these top notch life like collectible dolls you know that your doll has met the highest standards of quality and value – guaranteed

That’s Ashton-Drake value

View the beautiful life like collection of Ashton-Drake collectible dolls

Secrets of Ashton-Drake Doll Artistry

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