SciNewsBlog: Climate Scientists in Verbal Brawl

It looks like the science isn’t as settled as many had hoped.
(FOX News)-Blam! Kapow! Smack! The bell has rung for the latest round of climate talks, but the battle continues among climate scientists too, making only one thing truly clear — the science of global warming simply isn’t settled.

Climate science suffered a black eye over the past 12 months, following revelations that the latest report from the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) contained numerous errors and relied too heavily on questionable sources. at the latest climate conference in Cancun, the group will stress that its research must continue.

But while governments try to push through an accord, the fighting over the science — and the IPCC’s role — continues unabated. And the body blows seem as violent as ever.

“The corruption within the IPCC revealed by the Climategate scandal, the doctoring of data and the refusal to admit mistakes have so severely tainted the IPCC that it is no longer a credible agency,” Don Easterbrook, a professor of geology at Western Washington University, declared in an interview with

“Thus, it is no longer in a position to claim to speak for climate scientists.”

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SciNewsBlog: Climate Scientists in Verbal Brawl

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