Scientific Current Events – New Discoveries

The life of human beings is being influenced everyday by the fast-paced actions made in science. however, many individuals are scientifically illiterate due to a concern of science or a mentality that science is not directly related to their lives or very difficult to understand. Scientific current events are being done all over the world for various reasons. some may result in good but some may in bad however, to safeguard the life of human beings and other living beings and to improve our life, these events are inevitable.

The discovery of the missing link for the origin of comets by a team of astronomers is one of the astonishing discoveries. This team includes Brett Gladman, an astronomer from the University of British Columbia, who has discovered an unusual object whose inverse and inclined orbit around the Sun may elucidate the origins of some comets.

Another important scientific event is the discovery of gene enhancer by some scientists. This gene enhancer, recognized as HACNS1, may have imparted to the evolution of the unambiguously opposable human thumb, and perhaps modifications in the foot or ankle that facilitate human beings to walk on two legs.

The researchers from TAU create new stem cell screening tool. the researches on stem cell are the next great leap in the field of medicine. In future, new cells and tissues grown in a laboratory could substitute a failing heart, or novel cells take the place of the injured cells in the brain.

The studies by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) reveals how new helium-ion microscope works. just as test pilots push planes to inquire into their limits, researchers at NIST are examining the most novel microscope technology further to improve measurement exactness at the nano-scale level.

Fatty acid synthase of mammals is one of the most complicated molecular synthetic machines in the cells of human beings. It is also an assuring target for developing anti-obesity and anti-cancer drugs and for mending metabolic disorders.

The researchers from ISU have mapped the first genome sequence of plant-parasitic nematode. many plant-parasitic nematodes exist in the world; however, only few are responsible for damaging agricultural crops globally (loss of about $157 billion every year).

The most recent scientific event is the big bang test done in Geneva in September 10, 2008. This is the world’s largest particle collider. many scientists from all over the world have involved in this research. It took almost 20 years to complete and conduct the first test. almost 3.76 billion euros, that is approximately equal to 5.46 billion US dollars, have been spent for this research. This is one of the most complex and costliest scientific experiments ever attempted. the result of this research about big bag will answer us how Earth and other heavenly bodies were evolved.

Scientific Current Events – New Discoveries

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