Sci Fi Movies: 2011 New Releases on DVD

We all love to have our movie shelf loaded with some classic science fiction titles, and maybe some not-so-classic movies that are just fun to watch. over the last few months, quite a few sci fi movies have been released to DVD. Some you will recognize, others may not have done so well in theaters or were just released straight to DVD.

Dinocroc vs. Supergator was released to DVD on July 12 and while we will not pretend that viewers are going to flock to the stores in an effort to land this flick, it is fun to watch. David Carradine is the big-ticket star in this battle of two genetically engineered creatures. Regular weapons will not do the trick to rid the earth of these monsters, so the Cajun is called in to take care of business.

Combining SF with other genres is always risky, but it can also result in some very entertaining movies. High Plains Invaders is one such film as it is as much action-western as it is science fiction. this movie, along with the upcoming DVD release of Cowboys & Aliens are two of the more fun sci fi movies coming out on DVD this year. James Marsters and Sebastian Knapp lead the cast.

Tremors is hardly a newbie to DVD, but the Blu-ray release has just been made. this classic combines sci fi, comedy, and horror into one big ball of fun. the original movie was released in 1990, so this is a great opportunity to see actors such as John Goodwin, Reba McEntire, and Kevin Bacon early in their careers. Newcomers will get a kick out of this flick and science fiction veterans will love the upgrades on Blu-ray.

Death Race and Death Race 2 have just been released as a combination set on Blu-ray. Jason Statham is the main draw in what became an instant classic. the set also features the unrated version of Death Race and has some great special features that offer significant viewing pleasure long after the movies are over. even if you have previously seen either of these movies, the Blu-ray upgrade makes it worth the price of purchase.

While there are only a few of the latest releases in the SF genre to be released on DVD, they are a great example of what happens when sci fi is joined with another genre to create a different twist to traditional science fiction films. With more and more classics being released on Blu-ray, we have quite a bit to look forward to over the next few months.

Sci Fi Movies: 2011 New Releases on DVD

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