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We actually have been very fortunate to have tapped into the founder of “The Firm” workout studio / video series, as they are based here in Columbia, SC. the founder, Anna Benson, hired me to create DVD’s for her new workout series called “FitPrime” 2 years ago. we did about 15 titles in all for her.

Then, after about 6 months in development, several of the original FIRM instructors, and specifically, Tracie Long, contacted me to work with her new company in Charleston, SC. Her company is called TLP / V, for Tracie Long Productions, and her fitness center (which is an AWESOME multi-million dollar facility, very upscale, like a Bally’s), is called “V”, based on the latin root for vitality, etc. we did some minor work in changing graphics, video editing, and overall DVD re-Authoring on a couple of titles last year for her. She has pledged to use my company this Spring (if we are ready to handle the challenge equipment-wise) for production on several new DVD workouts.

Finally, last year, we also did the DVD mastering (only) for a singer / songwriter / musician / poet / artist named Niko Papasideris. he completed a masterful compilation of a music CD, DVD of his musical journey, including the creation of many of the songs, a lot of silliness and fun, and some poetry and artwork all bound together in a single production. very unique, different than anything out there, and super creative. certainly a breath of fresh air, musically speaking. since then, Niko has become a friend via e-mail and phone correspondance. he also just won the new USA TV series competition for best new artist performing original music in the last couple of months.

Here are the links verifying all of my statements: = Tracie Long’s Studio website = Tracie’s Video sales site

We worked on the very first one at the top, which is two DVD’s on one, called “Core Cardio” and “Core Strength”, affectionately known as “The Yorktowns”, as they were shot aboard the USS Yorktown, which sits visably across the harbor from her studio in Charleston, SC. very cool, great view!

Anna Benson has changed her companies again for the third time in the last 5 years. She sold “The Firm” to create “FitPrime”, then sold “FitPrime” to create “Women’s Health & Fitness Network”, or WHFN for short. This, just like “The Firm”, is also based right here in Columbia, SC. your can do various web searches on the original titles for “FitPrime” and get tons of hits, thousands of copies are still out on the market, but basically, all 15+ titles are considered out of print just 2 short years later. the first couple of titles were “Mix and Match Vol. 1”, which has 5 workouts on it, and a lot of intersting features that had never been done before on ANY workout DVD, like: Easter egg (with my credit on it as well!), hidden bonus DVD-ROM features, like WM9, QT and WinDVD trial software player installs, etc. neat stuff. Other titles are: “From the ground up”, “Strong Bear”, “Just Right – Weights, Cardio & Yoga”, and “Crunch Time”, “Steamin’ Cardio”, “Floor Burn” and “Flex Posture” amongst others. I did a LOT of video editing on these titles, but believe it or not, Anna did the majority of the video production herself. She is very talented, but very hard to with with. usually creative types are that way, it seems.

Anna’s current website, where she has taken old workouts and revamped them with new instructors, is:

Finally, here is my friend Niko’s website. Check his music, definitely worth listening to:

So, yes, a lot of people BS their way through life on the Internet, but some of us are they real McCoy. you can donload and listen to the 3 existing podcasts I did in July (it was the 12th) 2005 on for a TON of info on video production, DVD, Blu-ray, HD-DVD, HVD, HDV (not a typo!) and HD in general, as well as computer tips for both PC and Mac (I’m a computer technician with 30 years experience, too, as well as a musician who has played for TWO world-famous bands, one with a top ten hit song. no BS, really! Jack of all trades, you know how it goes…I just don’t do plumbing very well at all, just ask my wife! LoL!).

Here are the links to a direct download:

So, at least I can back up my statements with published PROOF, both on numerous websites, and with tangible, physical products distributed world-wide.

Anyhow, I hope all of the info I have provided in all of these posts has been helpful. I know some people enjoy them, I hope that you do, too.

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Samsung will sell first Blu-ray Disc player – AfterDawn

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