Samsung BEAT Edition music phones

Samsung BEAT Edition music phones

Because mobile devices are no longer simply talking, Samsung has emphasized the musical options of its new terminal in its new range BEAT Edition (similar to the Nokia XpressMusic family). the manufacturer debuts in this category with two models, the M3510 BEATb one hand and M3200 Beats the other.

both phones have keys dedicated exclusively to playback functions such as play, pause or stop. But what really stands out are the chances of its usefulness Motion Play, to control the player with some slight movements. with slight agitation can move forward or backward in the playlist. A little touch is enough to stop or resume music, and only need to turn it muted.

they are equipped with Digital Natural Sound technology, which offers a deep natural sound. some of its most useful features include an automatic equalizer, which handles audio settings appropriately depending on the genre of each item. It also incorporates a search and identification of songs provided by Shazam.

at the individual level, the BEATb is presented as a type mobile tablet that only has 1 inch thick. For its part, the beats is sliding screen, the design intentionally resembles that of a conventional MP3 player. the latter also has an amplifier and stereo speakers.

there will be a long wait for departure, since the BEATb be launched before the end of the month. back in October will follow the beats. But although its release is quite close, have not yet provided their final prices.

via: Akihabara News

Samsung BEAT Edition music phones

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