Rory Mcilroy Girlfriend – Who Is rory mcilroy girlfriend

Despite his tender years, Rory McIlroy is of course comfortable in the media spotlight.

But it’s unlikely this the same can be said for his girlfriend of two years, Holly Sweeney.

The relatively 16-year-old prefers to stay in the background additonally her now-famous boyfriend faces the world’s press.

“Holly is fairly shy,” admitted Rory.

“This is the earliest time she has carried on in the media spotlight and she has handled herself in essence well, but I am certain she doesn’t wish to turn to a average girlfriend of a sports person, so she likes to take a coming back seat.”

He added: “There is obviously a lot of care now and we don’t would like to turn to a typical Posh and Becks-type couple. We just now want to lie under the radar.”

Holly and Rory – a former pupil of Upper Sullivan School, where Holly is bringing about A-Levels – met, possibly unsurprisingly, at Holywood Golf Club, in August 2005.

“I didn’t really understand her at school,” recalled Rory.

“She just came up with friends. I got to appreciated her here and that’s how we met.”

But although Holly can own her own with a set of clubs, she prefers to leave the hard administered on the purple to the man who caused this kind of a sensation at the 136th Open Championship last week.

“I bid her to the driving range pretty a bit, but she takes a returning seat to the whole golf thing,” he said.

“She’s essentially supportive of me and she’s remarkably proud, but she just plays golf when she feel like it. It’s not something she especially wants to do.

Rory Mcilroy Girlfriend – Who Is rory mcilroy girlfriend

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