Ron Paul: A Viable Choice, Not an Illusory Echo

It is said and believed by most reasonable people that if a human being is not part of the solution to the problem, that person is, essentially, part of the problem, especially when he, or she, is a part of the system creating the problem. Herman Cain fits very well the description of a problematic addition to a group of Republican Presidential candidates who has hardly offered any reasonable solutions to the republic’s economic and governmental problems. A product of federalism, specifically the Federal Reserve, Cain’s 9-9-9 tax proposal to replace the federal income tax is much like the several legislative proposals offered by the Senate Banking Committee, in 1912, to alter the original Federal Reserve Act. on the surface of the proposed bills there were only semantic variations in the wording of the alternative legislations which varied very little from the original legislative text of Federal Reserve Act. The 9-9-9 tax creature would be just as oppressive, in effect, as the current unapportioned federal income tax to the rank-and-file American taxpayer, who will still pay a much higher bulk of the tax money that the federal government will continue to collect and spend so frivilously.

You see, Mr. Cain has a net worth of more than three-million dollars as a direct result of his lucrative seven-year affiliation with the Federal Reserve, a cartel of private bankers who control the coinage and valuation of U.S. money. His Fed salary was actually more than his Godfather’s Pizza CEO salary. If you ask any professor of economics, worth his, or her, salt, about the historical fulfillment of the Congressional legislative purpose of the Federal Reserve Act, you will be told that the Fed has never, since 1913, acted to forestall, or solve, any economic recession problem that has occurred in the United States, including the Great Depression of 1929, the first great Fed failure. Its real underlying purpose was to create illusions, of sorts, that the collective taxpayers should actually look forward to bailing-out the military-industrial private-sector complex and the federal banking system when unmanagable debt, the crux of the Fed, created an economic recession. as Mr. Cain was integrally associated with the Federal Reserve, as Chairman of the Fed Omaha Branch, and as Deputy Chairman, and Chairman, of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank, he is well-versed at manipulating debt to create illusions of profitability, something inept Presidents are very good at doing. Both Herman Cain and Mitt Romney want to maintain the status quo. That is, the huge federal bureaucracy of unneeded regulatory agencies, the Federal Reserve, the decadent spending of income taxmoney, and the untenable borrowing of money from foreign nations that has made the national debt simply unpayable.

Ron Paul is the only Republican Presidential candidate who presently offers real viable solutions to the pressing economic, governmental, and social problems encumbering Americans. His solutions are not illusions, but genuine economic and governmental processes that will restore the American republic’s libertarian values, those values predicated upon natural law cherished by Benjamin Franklin, Thomas, Jefferson, James Madison, and John Adams. Your support for Ron Paul as the most capable Republican candidate to oppose Barack Obama, alias Barry Soertoro, in the 2012 Presidential Election will increase the hope that the United States will have an opportunity to be restored to the status of a great sovereign independent nation for the benefit of all true Americans, and their children.

Ron Paul: A Viable Choice, Not an Illusory Echo

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