Rising Bollards And Their Specific Uses

Rising bollards have been very useful to different industries for decades now and yet people are not normally aware of their uses. A bollard is a vertical post that is very rigid. this type of post is often found in multiples and arranged in lines signifying a path.

These posts are extensively used for the control of vehicle and pedestrian traffic in crowded open areas by the government. to ensure that vehicles follow in line and keep them from overtaking each other, bollards made of concrete or steel are being used for this purpose. they are also permanently installed in specific areas so that if ever vehicles bump into them they will not be misplaced. For them to be easily spotted by motorists and to avoid road accidents as well, they are painted with bright reflector colors.

When it comes to the control of pedestrian traffic, highly removable rising bollards are used. they are usually made of plastic or concrete. their aim is to make certain areas easily seen by pedestrians for their use without being dashed by the motoring traffic. bright reflector colors are also their common hues along with the appropriate signs that give the public information.

Traffic enforcers prefer using plastic bollards when guarding pedestrian traffic that comes in varying amount depending on the time of day. It is always easy for them to add extra plastic posts in certain areas at certain hours and to remove them if need be.

Concrete posts used as security bollards is another purpose served. different types of compounds are usually surrounded by them along with a link of wires. What’s more, they are also treated as architectural enhancers as they help beautify the whole area being fenced. there are a host of decorative bollards used for this purpose. The good thing is they are readily available in stores.

Another use of these posts is to provide support and permanent hold for the pipes installed in the ground by water or electric companies. they are called pipe bollard sleeves. In reference to this, the numerous water hydrants in different streets are situated on top of this type of strong bollards serving as pipe bollard sleeves.

If you happen to pass by piers and wharves, you will also see these concrete pillars. they serve as mooring posts for boats to which the latter will be tied. this shall keep them in place while they are docked.

When you get on a boat or a ship, be keen to observe and you will see there bollards too. they are situated in the front, rear and middle portion of the boat on both sides. The small ones which are made of steel usually function for docking.

Rising bollards – concrete, plastic or steel – have a very clear purpose. People should be aware of these ground fixtures because they are built for our safety more than anything else. Some may be built for architectural design, but surely there is still a higher function that they serve.

Rising Bollards And Their Specific Uses

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