RIM is Going to Win The Market

RIM (Research in Motion) reportedly started its activity in mobile market. The aim of the company is to win its positions back. its range of new products includes: BlackBerry smartphone (like iPhone) and BlackBerry OS tablet (like iPad).

Why did RIM start to lose its market positions? The reason for that is that the operating system, BlackBerry, has become obsolete in comparison with innovative Android, iPhone and Symbian smartphones. Though RIM still preserves the leading mobile market share, the distance between it and its competitors dramatically reduces.

BlackBerry smartphones won the reputation of business devices. However, iPhones are getting more popularity among businessmen and corporate users. In addition, a new rival – Windows Phone 7 – will appear in this market segment this year.

It was announced that the new smartphone on BlackBerry platform will practically become a replica of iPhone. there will be nothing principally new and revolutionary in this phone in comparison with its competitors. The users will get pinch-to-zoom, 5-megapixel camera, 4Gb of internal memory, and a touch screen.

What concerns the BlackBerry OS tablet, it should be more innovative. it is designed as a partner device to a RIM smartphone which is provided without independent wireless connectivity. So, a user will need at have a kind of BlackBerry tethering at hand in order to get access to the Internet.

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RIM is Going to Win The Market

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