Review: Berzerk Ball (iOS)

Berzerk Ball is a full-featured homerun hitter which is worthwhile thanks to its self-referential humor.

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Game name: Berzerk Ball Price: $0.99 Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad; Requires iOS 3.0 or later

What is it? Berzerk Ball is a homerun hitter, which means there is one (and only one) goal: to get the object–in this case, a fat, pony-tailed geek–to fly as far as possible. There are multiple tools, characters, and upgrades with which to achieve this goal. with each “geek hit,” your character receives XP points and levels up, allowing you to upgrade your character and eventually unlock other characters.

Who made it? Berzerk Studio have many free to play flash games on their website, including a free version of Berzerk Ball.

What works? Gameplay is simple: there are two gauges that measure angle and power. Tap once to stop the angle gauge and tap again to stop the power gauge. Then your character hits the geek with a flyswatter (or whatever tool you’ve upgraded to), and the geek flies off into the distance, hitting various objects along the way that will make him fly further. such objects include robots, cannons, bouncy platforms, and bees in the sky.

The gauges start out moving very quickly, but as you receive XP points and level up, you’re able to improve your “accuracy” (slow down the angle gauge) and “power.”

To keep you riled up and full of geek-hatred, the geek spouts obnoxious little geekisms throughout the game, such as “Everything’s lame,” and “My newbie sense is tingling.” He also rags on the game itself, “No retina display 0/5. I see pixels from miles away,” and “Took forever to load on my Commodore 64. worst game ever 0/5.”

What doesn’t work? As the geek flies through the air, you’re supposed to be able to control where he’s heading with arrow buttons on either side of the screen. As far as I can tell, pressing these buttons makes little difference in determining where the geek ends up. plus, the geek is usually flying so quickly through the air that even if you could reliably control where he heads, it wouldn’t matter.

What’s the estimated shelf-life? Berzerk Ball is a good game for quick casual play, and the leveling up will keep you coming back (at least casually). You won’t get dozens of hours of straight play out of this game, but you’ll probably come back a lot when you’re standing in line for coffee or waiting in a doctor’s office.

Is it worth the price of admission? For less than a dollar, Berzerk Ball is extremely full-featured for a homerun hitter. That said, if you hate extra features and you just want the hitting fun, there’s also a free version.

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Review: Berzerk Ball (iOS)

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