Restaurants in new york, best list gets 10 points!

Anything on 9th ave in the 50s.

Mimi's Restaurant and Piano Bar
984 2ND Ave
New York, NY 10022-6306
Phone: (347) 748-1153

Try the Cherry Pepper Pork chops…..It's very original. everything at this restaurant is great.

Le Bernardin..It's a little french restaurant and the food is amazing and the decor is absolutely beautiful and the service is very good!

Another one is Blue Hill..It's not as expensive as Le Bernardin but it's just as good. ummm Sushi of Gari is excellent as well if you like seafood. Cafe Boulud is amazing as well and if you dine there you def have to try the Chocolate Souffle…Blue Ribbon is also another one that will leave your stomach satiesfied..and for the best pizza you must go to Franny's in Brooklyn! You will regret it for the rest of your life if you don't…Anyways that's just a few that I know of….enjoy…

BBQ Dallas in 42nd Street
APPLE Bs in 42nd too!
DAVE IN BUSTERS if u wanna play games after
RED LOBSTER if u wanna eat SEAFOOD
FRIDAYS if u wanna eat the american way
HAWAIN TROPACAL ZONE if u wanna eat from famous chef DAVID BURKE and have SEXY waitreses in BIKINIS. ( thats my personal fav for my husband)

Texas Road House Baby

Go to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx and eat at Ann & Tony's. I went there this week. Food and atmosphere was awesome.I found them on AOL Cityguide and they were rated the 5th best in the Bronx. I went to their website and got a $10 Gift Certificate

Restaurants in new york, best list gets 10 points!

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