A Great Site for Cheap Dining and Gift Certificates

A friend had recently told me about a great site that I think is quite useful in this day and age. It’s called As many of you probably already know this site gives you the ability to search for local restaurants in your area and even better allows you to buy gift certificates.

What’s the real benefit you ask? I’ll tell you. You get to buy the gift certificates at a discount price! Yes, for a $25 gift certificate you pay about $10. That’s incredible! The only stipulation is the day’s you can use them or a minimum amount you must spend which is generally pretty low. There are some other exclusion’s such as holidays and special food nights the restaurants have but that’s about it. My friend buys them in bulk about 5 or 10 at a time and has a blast checking out a ton of new and existing restaurant spots for less than half the price.

The Dining cards are great for a Gift too!

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