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I recently attended a Phorum 2012, a Cloud Conference located at World Live Cafe in Philadelphia, PA. It was an all day event and featured keynotes, presentations and panel discussions with some the nation’s deepest thinkers and greatest innovators utilizing cloud technology.

Phorum is technology conference for business and IT professionals. the goal of the annual conference is to explore emerging technologies as they transition to mainstream adoption and to educate IT professionals on the practical application of these technologies in business.

In all, the event was highly informative and got me thinking outside of the box. There were many innovators, technology leaders, and forward thinkers that it opened my mind into the future, and all the new technology that I will have to learn in order to forward my career.  Phorum is not strictly a Cloud Conference and I hope I can make it to next years event, whatever it may be.

restarttheuser – Home – Phorum Philly 2012

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