Reputable Psychic Mediums In Long Island

Long Island is home to many reputed psychic mediums. Born and raised in Long Island, John Edward is a well-known psychic medium, author and lecturer. For over nineteen years he has helped thousands communicate with loved ones who have passed away. His clientele include people from all walks of life. Clients have a two-year waiting period for a sitting with Mr. Edward. He is known to never compromise the quality of his work.

His talk show, Crossing over with John Edward, has captivated audiences worldwide and earned him a loyal following. He is the author of the critically acclaimed New York Times bestsellers One last Time, what if God Were the Sun, Crossing over: the Stories behind the Stories, After Life: Answers from the Other side, Final Beginnings and most recently Practical Praying: using the Rosary to Enhance your Life.

John Edward’s rising popularity led to guest appearances on several prime time television shows, from CNN’s Larry King Live to the Today Show. He has also made television appearances on Entertainment Tonight, Live with Regis & Kelly, the Wayne Brady Show, Dateline, ABC’S 20/20 and the critically acclaimed HBO Special, Life After Life; America Undercover. His articles are featured in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, Newsday, People, Entertainment Weekly and in the associated Press.

Martial Arts teacher Robert Hansen, is a reputed psychic medium from Long Island. He attended Catholic school and even as a child always focused on helping others. A sensitive child, Hansen was always able to read the feelings of others, a gift he discovered after the emergence of a spirit guide in his daily life.

Hansen studied Martial Arts, Yoga and meditation and made four pilgrimages to Japan to learn the art of Zen. He holds a 7th Degree Black Belt in Ju-Jitsu and is a member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Hansen coached the athletic team at the Town of Hempstead on Long Island and founded his own martial arts school, the silent Flute Self Defense Center, in 1973.

As a psychic medium and intuitive counselor Robert Hansen helps lead his clients towards healing and inner peace. His bereavement seminars, Love never Ends offer comfort, hope, and understanding to those who have lost family members and friends. He appears on many top radio stations including KJOY 98.3 fm, Mix 102.7 fm and WRCN 103.9 fm, amongst others. Hansen has been tested and approved by noted scientific researcher, Dr. Gary Schwartz, author of the Afterlife Experiments. His association in the past with Parents of Murdered Children and currently, the Forever Family Foundation provide solace to many bereaved parents.

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Reputable Psychic Mediums In Long Island

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