Relationship Problems – Breaking Up Clues You Should Have Nailed

Do you have an uneasy feeling that your latest romance is breaking up? Lately, neither of you seem to share the same excitement and passion that existed when you first met. On the surface everything seems fine, yet you have a hunch that something’s going on, and relationship problems are just around the corner. So, let’s get down to it. Rather than being caught off-guard, let’s raise our awareness level by looking at some indicators of trouble in paradise.

Clues from Him

Ladies, any woman can overlook the small indiscretions from him, like his clothes don’t match or he forgets to sneeze in his sleeve. What about his bigger, more serious faults?

  • Does he borrow things/money from you and not bring them back? This is a person who has no respect for personal property and a line of thought that says the world owes me a living or I’m not responsible for anyone’s stuff, not even my own. Well, guess what? You’re his stuff.
  • Does he call you by the wrong name or make you cry? Calling you by the wrong name more than once means he’s preoccupied with someone else. Most men melt when a woman starts crying. if he causes you to cry often and it doesn’t seem to bother him, he’s on a power trip and enjoys the control he has over you.
  • Does he treat you badly when the two of you are alone, and kinder when you are with a group? again, it’s the power and control thing. down the road his behavior can lead to verbal or even physical abuse.
  • Does he avoid introducing you to his friends or treat his friends better than you? He may be ashamed of you, or just using you for sex. if he treats his friends better than you, his loyalty to you is questionable. if you are treated as just one of the guys (or less), why hang around?
  • Do you end up doing what he wants even though he agreed to let you plan the date? Like a spoiled child, he thinks the world revolves around him. It is a way of life for him, so get used to being in second place on all occasions.

If the answers to most of the questions above are yes, you should begin making plans to find another mate. Changes in behavior and a sudden lack of interest are strong signals that a break up is right around the corner.

Clues from Her

Men, a beautiful woman is a thing to behold, but she can cover up a multitude of transgressions with just a smile. In other words, an attractive woman can get away with a lot just because she is, well, attractive. when you are trying to figure out her plans for you, you must look beyond the pretty eyes and sweet smile.

  • Does she make fun or cause you insult in front of others? She is either inexperienced in affairs of the heart or she is doing it on purpose. Most men would rather have a woman’s respect, which is harder to earn, than her love.
  • Does she constantly criticize the behavior of others, how they dress, or how they spend their time and money? She is a very unhappy person who enjoys putting others down to make herself feel superior. She will eventually drag you down too because as her circle of friends gets smaller you will be the only one left to pore over.
  • Does she frequently talk in your presence about other guys, how they look and who they are dating? This is a dead give-away that she’s preoccupied with other men. Your relationship shelf life is about to bite the dust. is her dress routinely provocative, even when she is out with others? This could be her style of dress but often there is a subliminal message that she is looking for another partner.
  • Does she constantly flirt with the opposite sex? the brutal truth is that she is content for now but continues to look for a real catch to come along. if she feels that she has found Mr. Right, you’ll be yesterday’s newspaper.

Finally, if your relationship does lead to a break up, it is not the end of the world. Couples break up every day and not every romance was meant to last forever. But, if you do break up and then decide to get your mate back, be sure to seek expert advice to help you save time and avoid the frustration of trial and error solutions. good luck

Relationship Problems – Breaking Up Clues You Should Have Nailed

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