Ready for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 is due for release in the US on March 27, and worldwide on March 30th. in a way to get you geared up towards the game EA has released some new details on features, some of which include integration for Kinect on the Xbox 360. however, some of the more social features will be more welcomed, as these will be available on not only the 360 but also the PS3 as well.

There will be two versions of this game, the standard and also The Masters Collector’s Edition. The reason for this special version is because EA has been making PGA Tour series for 22 years now. however, they have been making golf games since 1986, so you know they have some experience with this genre.

We do hope that the developer has done a good job with this game, as the integration with move and Kinect has all the makings of a great game – well that’s according to ZoKnowsGaming. As each year passes these golfing games improves, and this year’s will be no different, and one of the standout features has to be the swing mechanic revamp.

What this will give the player is far greater control with their swing, stance and positioning of the ball. Add these together and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 mimics the sport better than anything else we have seen before in a game. however, we can’t help thinking that the Xbox version will have the edge over the PlayStation 3, as the voice-control features allows you to concentrate more on the game and not what you have to do with the controls.

This would not be a Tiger Woods game without gaining some insight over Wood’s career, so Online Country Clubs and a revisit of some of his greatest golf tournaments help to make this game the complete package. You have to admire EA sticking by their man, when it’s obvious his golfing career is on a downward trend. however, he did end his drought by winning the Chevron World Challenge back in December.

Remember you don’t just play with Tiger Woods, there are 22 Licensed Professional Golfers to choose from in all. One player that just needs to be played has to be Rory McIlroy, whose career is starting to get into full swing – sorry for the pun. To get you in the mood for this game watch the official Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 trailer from EA below.

Ready for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

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