Quarrel Fights The Good Fight and Finally Reaches the Xbox

Quarrel, from Denki.

Who should a business listen to, the bean counters and their numbers, or the coders heartfelt belief that they have a hit? in the world of console gaming, it feels like the former, so it’s exciting to see a game that’s been constantly put down by “the suits” finally getting a chance to prove itself where it counts – in the retail channel.

It’s even more exciting when it’s a game as wonderful as Quarrel!

As pointed out in our UK Tech Companies to Watch, gaming fans of Dundee based Denki were watching for new releases. And today they will be able to download their reward. Word game Quarrel finally reaches the Xbox console through the Xbox Live Arcade, some four years after the first spark of innovation that saw anagrams mixing with Risk, and two years after the code was completed.

Why has it taken so long? Colin Anderson, managing director of Denki puts the blame firmly in the financing and marketing departments of the Game Publishers around the world.

“This game is fundamentally broken – how can I possibly win with only 3 letters when my opponent has 8?”;  “We could never sell this because it’s English language only”; “It looks like a kids game, but it’s way too hard for kids” and everywhere (trust me – everywhere) in between.  we heard the same justifications for passing on it over and over again ad nauseam.

To use a good Scottish word, they were feart.

When Denki demoed the game, when they showed the general public, they all loved it; when the critics got a hold of it, Quarrel picked up a BAFTA for “Best game 2011″; and it’s had a huge amount of success bypassing the traditional markets and heading to the Apple Store and the iPad.

Now is the time to see who’s right – an innovative development team with genuine feedback from around the world, or publishers who seem more than happy to update and promote franchise titles instead of new and original content?

My money is on Colin.

Quarrel Fights The Good Fight and Finally Reaches the Xbox

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