PS4 Release date in 2012

While the PlayStation 3 is just now hitting the steps, and the best days are still ahead, Sony is not one for complacency, and with intense competition in the world of video games today, plans for the future version of the PlayStation 4 is already set in motion. in fact, not only the PlayStation 4 to get this treatment, but even the PlayStation and PlayStation June 5 in the early stages of planning and design labs at Sony R & D.

Although we have not seen what the PS3 can be completely done when really put to the test (in fact, Sony states that the game currently on the market are not even close to pushing the system to its full potential ), the mind is still more powerful console gamers who are on the horizon should be concerned about

it will leave a hole burning in their pockets, but the giddy possibilities that this new giant of the console will be able to shoot. Imagine the material on this case, it would be crazy!

Everyone wants answers to questions …

Therefore, the question on everyone’s mind is, when the PlayStation 4 will be released ?!?!? While Sony has not released official information on the upcoming launch systems, the release date is attached is generally accepted as the end of 2012, which will follow the trend of previous generations of Sony console. The first PlayStation was first published in late 1994 in Japan and 1995 for the rest of the world. PlayStation 2 in stores in 2000, gave a shelf life retail PS1 six years from the Japanese launch. Similarly, the PlayStation 3 was released in 2006, six years after the release of the PS2. following this trend has been established that Sony will give us a late 2012 release for the PS4.

Other rumors recently that confirms this. At the conference last year’s Game Developer in Germany, CEO of Crytek announced that its next generation of business development of their graphics engine, CryEngine3, released in 2012, at the same time with the PlayStation 4. Although he said he had no concrete information that the PS4 will be released at that time, even if it did, it would not be free to share this information, he thought it would be an output window of the new system.

Business Sales (Or how to get a PS4 fast by not buying the PS3)

There is a possibility that the way the PlayStation 3 tickets in the current console war may also specify the date of publication PS4, for several reasons. If the system continues to flounder in the third place in the console wars, failed to generate income originally planned, Sony may be much more willing to cut their losses and rush PS4 on the market sooner rather than later, possibly as early as late 2011.

If the PS3 fails to make ground on the Wii and Xbox 360, Sony is also trying to convince them to jump the gun on the war in next-generation consoles and get their system to the first door. both the original PlayStation and PlayStation 2, which dominate their generation console wars, came on the market at the same time or earlier than their competitors. this is a PlayStation was launched after the Sega Saturn, and long before the Nintendo 64, while the PlayStation 2 was released before both the Xbox and Nintendo GameCube.

Sony can get a head start on the competition and give developers time to build their skills to develop games for consoles, so that even more powerful consoles come after the game was released on an older system as good technically , provides no real incentive for players to move to a new console.

The same effect has been working against the PlayStation 3 to a certain extent, as if it is considered much more powerful than the Xbox 360, head 360 has received an early years allowed the developers to respond more quickly to maximize the potential of the system, so a game that rivaled the games on the PS3 when it was released. Just as the life of the system will expire we can see the PlayStation 3 came out with a game that well overshadow what the 360 ​​can do graphically.

How Sony plans to play the hand they are the cause of much speculation. What we know is that the PlayStation 4 will come sooner than we might think, and will be games to a new level.

Let us know what you think. Will we see a PlayStation 4 within the next 2-3 years, or the release of more? Feel free to comment below. You can also join our forum to express your opinion on the PlayStation all.

Update – October 2011The developer of the franchise has not been mapped, one of the most successful launch of the Playstation 3, made the announcement today in which they stated “the Playstation 3 can not support more unexplored installments “. Ads in the details about the plan developer must improve the franchise, but the current technical capabilities Playstation 3 will not be able to support the plan. this is a surprise announcement of the industry, with many experts say Playstation 3 has not been pushed to the limit of reality suddenly silenced by this information. What does this mean for me or you? Published for Playstation 4 will come sooner than most people expect.

Update – September 2011In an interview with the Director of Global Operations of Sony, Eurogamer has discovered that Sony is willing to discuss next-gen consoles, only they do not feel there is a need. in the interview, Shuhei Yoshida went on to explain why Sony did not rush to pump an announcement about the next-gen console from Sony.

Is essentially game developers, while they still can improve their products by using the Playstation 3, Sony does not see the need to develop and release a Playstation 4. Ubisoft and several other companies have expressed concern that the limitations of existing hardware in the PS3, with the main issues that Ram, which reduces the quality of games they can grow, but industry experts say an update simple level RAM can extend the life of the Xbox360 and PS3 a few years, but this is not something we expect to see.

This generation of consoles has seen some real innovative titles hit home consoles, games like LA Noire, Grand Theft Auto IV, Mass Effect shows that the current generation of consoles still has what it takes to provide an experience great game, but is it the best we could get? It is inevitable that Sony will release a next-gen console, the Wii-U is one year, the Xbox 720 the following year, Sony has been around a long time and is worth about 60 billion, making it prudent to wait for them to bring something to the table that can compete with Nintendo and Microsoft.

Sony does not remain one of the most respectable in the world by the short straw, they know what sells and they know how to draw. we know that the PlayStation 4 has been developing for some time now and he said that developers already have access to SDK tools used to create a new title. Just because water has entered details about the PS4 have not yet, do not assume they do not exist. With all the information gathered here and PS4 fan site, it was confirmed that the Playstation 4 is coming, it’s just a matter of time …

Update – July 2011A recent article on Digitimes (An information technology resources are very respectable) stated that Sony has filed for a new component component developer Taiwan. this is the same developer has indicated that new components can be used for style Kinect motion sensor for the Playstation 4. The article suggests that Foxxconn and Pegatron Technology will be used to create new parts for Sony, the two companies involved in the manufacture of the Playstation 3.

The article also said they would begin production later this year in hopes the launch of 2012, some have speculated that some 20 million Playstation 4 will be ready for launch.

Sony has not yet made an official comment, watch this space!

Updated – E3 2011Players eagerly await the announcement of the Playstation 4 disappointed when SCEE boss Andrew House issued a statement in an interview with Eurogamer

“in terms of Sony, we’re very comfortable with the PS3 and how emerging markets’

Although they made it clear they have no intention of Playstation 4 announcement about when they show their new 3D capabilities as well as NGP/PSP2 now officially called the Playstation Vita. They waited seven years after the release of the handheld PSP announced the next generation, we can expect the same length of time to make an official announcement of the Playstation 4, stay tuned!

Update – may 2011 – according to a recent article on Eurogamer, Sony has confirmed that they are directed to an undisclosed financial research and development projects for the “Platform of the Future”. in the build up to E3, rumors about the project Café suggest Nintendo will announce Wii-2 and the developers said they had received a prototype device that the development of new Microsoft products. Everyone expects Xbox720 and Wii-2 announcement, we can expect that Sony has something big to announce.

A quote from Sony Financial General ManagerKato said: “For the PS3 still has an electrical life of the product, but this is an enterprise platform, so for the platform of the future – if we introduce what product I can not discuss it – but our development work is already underway, so the costs incurred in there. ”

Update – June 2010 – in an interview with GameSpot at E3 this year, Activision COO Thomas Tippl do the update, if the light is still rather vague, the release of the future of the PS4 is. when asked when he intends to publish the next generation of consoles, Tippl said they probably will not see release in the next 2-3 years, as Activision do not yet have information on any new console. With the development time for next gen games are 2-3 years on average, it is logical that if the new console will come with third-party games at launch (almost certain), there will be a minimum of 2 years from the first time a set of third-party tools, the development in hand them to the point where the output of the console. in the meantime all we can do is speculate and continue to wait.

Update – July 2009 – in a recent interview, Doom and Quake creator John Carmack speculates that Sony may try to be the first to the dance floor with their new console before Microsoft launched its console Next. As mentioned above, there are a lot of thought into this line of thought. On the other hand, Sony has long maintained that they have a long term plan for the PS3, and with lower production costs of the new PS3 Slim models, and increased sales of the new version, the PS3 can not into itself. whether Sony will try to start before Microsoft (with all accounts will actually Nintendo will launch the first, but they are not considered direct competition to the other like Sony and Microsoft are to each other) remains to be seen . let us know what you think.

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PS4 Release date in 2012

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