PS3 Game of the Month: April 2012

  • Posted may 1st, 2012 at 11:14 EDT by Mike Harradence

After a fairly relentless period of triple-A releases back in March, this past month saw the games industry lose a bit of steam in terms of major software launches for PS3. In fact, we’d go so far as to label April a tad disappointing, though if anything at least it gave us a chance to chew through some of the games we’ve had on the backburner for a while – not to mention refill our wallets. as such, slapping our Game of the Month (PS3) accolade on a worthy winner wasn’t exactly a strenuous task, though it’s still worth recapping what’s been on offer. The biggest launch of the month was undoubtedly Prototype 2, the follow-up to Radial Entertainment’s open-world, super-powered adventure game. Unlike the previous game though, this sequel plonks you in the shoes of a brand-new protagonist named James Heller, as he embarks on a quest to eradicate the Blacklight Virus and square up against original hero Alex Mercer. elsewhere, PSN also turned up some major releases in the form of FIFA 12’s UEFA DLC and of House of the Dead 4. Sure, you wouldn’t imagine a seven-year-old zombie rail shooter would prove such a standout release, but it’s a testament to SEGA’s arcade heritage that it stands out amongst the pack. Sony’s online service also came up trumps again with Indie hit Skullgirls, a vibrant 2D brawler that packs a mean punch.

Ultimately however, with not that much to choose from, our Game of the Month award went to Prototype 2. even in a more competitive market however it would have been difficult to top Radical’s mutant-tastic sequel. The blood-drenched sequel gives players access to a horde of tentacle-tastic powers, allowing Heller to unleash a wave of brutally devastating combos against his adversaries, making for some of the most visceral combat this side of God of War. In addition, the sprawling open-world affords plenty of exploration, with heaps of goodies to hunt around for aside from tackling regular missions. those of you who have a penchant for unrestrained destruction will feel right at home here, as you blow choppers out of the sky, wreck cars and generally unleash havoc upon your surroundings. One thing’s for sure: Prototype 2 is undeniably a better beast than its predecessor in every conceivable way. be happy. Stay tuned for our review of Prototype 2 at shortly. until then, let us know what you think deserves the accolade for Game of the Month: April 2012 in the comments section below. be sure to check out our PS Vita Game of the Month here.

PS3 Game of the Month: April 2012

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