Project Natal – New Control Technology For Xbox 360

Microsoft recently revealed some very exciting news for gamers – Project Natal.

Natal is the latest development in gaming technology that is destined to make Xbox 360 the most electrifying console ever seen.

It may sound like a shady technology developed in the dark basements of government, but this could be the most important development for gaming since the Wii.

Project Natal uses face recognition technology and a hands free motion sensor so that gamers can enjoy the next generation of gaming.

Not only that, but the technology actually recognises facial expressions and emotions – and reacts to them.

And it isn’t limited to just one person – Natal allows multiple players. the motion-sensing camera recognises each individual according to a face scan, so several players can play in the same game, and without the need of extra controllers.

This has the potential to be the biggest development in gaming history and will change the way we view video games forever.

Imagine being able to sign into your Xbox without touching a controller, to pick up objects, kick a ball, punch, kick or run simply by moving your body.

The good news is that Microsoft has announced that the technology will be compatible with all Xbox 360s and cost somewhere in the range of $99- but it’s not clear yet whether it will have backwards compatibility with the games you already own.

So for those of you who love the hands-on Wii experience but want games with amazing graphics that are aimed at the more experienced gamer, Project Natal is what you’ve been waiting for.

Project Natal – New Control Technology For Xbox 360

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