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69 of 73 people found the following review helpful: Solid choice, April 30, 2009 = Fun:  This review is from: PS3 FragFX v.2 Controller with Mouse Pad (Accessory)

Basics: this is a controller, made by Splitfish, specifically for the PS3. it only works on the PS3. You can checkout their site, it is limited but adequate. The basic premise of this controller is to have the right analog stick replaced by a mouse. obviously, this is to bring PC controls to the PS3. While the mouse could be used for anything, it is clearly an FPS device.

The Fragfx v.2 hooks to the PS3 by a 10 foot USB cord. No Bluetooth here, my friends. The PS3 powers the controller, so the Fragfx v.2 cannot turn on the PS3. The 10ft cord goes into the back of the left-handed “Fragchuck” (I did not invent this term). also emerging from the back of the Fragchuck, is the cord going to the mouse. You also receive a pretty good mouse pad with your Fragfx V.2, although I ended preferring my lap desk. Anybody hardcore is going to end up on a desk or table.

The mouse is right-handed and optical. R1, R2, and R3 are represented by the left, right and center mouse buttons; with the “start” button behind the center R3 button. The triangle, square, circle, and X buttons are on the left side of the mouse, under your thumb.

The Fragchuck is left-handed. it has an analog stick on top, used most often to represent the left analog stick on the PS3 controller. think Wii nunchuck with a bunch of extra controls. The D-pad is behind the stick. also on top of the Fragchuck are the Select and PS buttons. The Fragchuck has 3 front “triggers”. The uppermost trigger is the “Frag” button. Under that are L1 and L2. L3 is the top of the analog stick, same as a PS3 controller. on the right side is a sensitivity dial. Finally, the Fragchuck is your sixaxis controller in this setup.

Bells and Whistles: this controller comes with many extra options. The first is the “Frag” button. when you hold this, the sensitivity on the mouse drops and your sight moves only a little with large moves of the mouse. this is to allow you to make sniper shots more easily. The second extra control is the sensitivity dial on the side of the Fragchuck. this was my favorite feature. by adjusting game sensitivity and then the sensitivity dial, you can fine tune exactly how much action you get on the mouse. You can even change it on the fly.

Additionally, the controller will let you set buttons to rapid fire. You can adjust the sensitivity of the motion controls, and their calibration. You can “switch” the mouse to represent the left PS3 stick on the fly (the Fragchuck analog stick will represent the right PS3 stick in “switch” mode.) You can flip it to “mouse” mode and use it with the web browser. Finally, you can program the motion control to double as any button except, Frag, PS, Select, and Start.

Functionality: Plugging the Fragfx V.2 in for the first time, I immediately saw how easy it would be to drop the darn thing. not quite as nice as flopping down on the couch and punching the PS button on a dualshock. The 10ft cord was just about right length, I have to sit pretty far from my sports-bar-obscenity-only-an-American-would-own TV. USB extension cords are cheap, so I do not see this as a problem regardless.

I am a freak because the PS3 is my first console. Mouse and keyboard is what most of you learned FPS on; I was coming at this backwards. it was a bit like learning to drive stick after automatic. Initially a mess, but ultimately a more responsive set up. I noodled around with the browser and a couple of other games, but Killzone 2 was the central game in testing. At first I had the sensitivity way too high and got nauseous when one large mouse move executed a 360. Within 30 minutes, my aim was better with the mouse than it had been with 30 hours on the dualshock. I could now weave about while keeping my sight on a moving target. My firing in general had less of a sweeping quality and stayed on enemy heads more of the time. My effectiveness with the starting assault rifles improved. Keep in mind that improvement for me is NOT Barry Bonds using steroids. this is much more like HIV patients using steroids to maintain muscle mass. I am moving from hopeless to decent, not good to Lazlo-quality sniper. During my initial “plug and go” sessions, it was hard to get the sensitivity to the point where I could turn quickly, yet maintain control of my aim. One or the other would suffer, yet it was still better than a dualshock.

What really made the difference for Killzone 2 was the firmware update from the Splitfish website. it really made the sight less jittery and gave me a smooth feel with the game sensitivity at max and the Fragchuck dial at about 4. I could turn like an F18 in the alleys, yet pull up the sight and plonk off a pretty good burst at somebody’s favorite head.

Overall, Fragfx v.2 good. The Frag button works but did not magically make me a sniper god. I am not a General in the game, so sniping was limited to single player and…

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