Predicted Growth For Major Smartphone Platforms In 2012

There are a number of different mobile operating systems battling with one another to increase their market share in 2012. we have recently seen platforms from Windows and Apple enjoy an increase but the system they will all be looking to beat is Android, the popular software used by a number of leading handsets including the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

When Android first emerged as a leading smartphone operating system many commentators stated that it would eventually over shadow the Symbian platform that was used by many devices at the time. this shift in power is almost complete with Symbian practically slipping of the radar leaving the three big guns to fight among themselves for the most impressive market share. the Market Intelligence and Consulting Institute (MIC) in Taiwan have reported that they expect the total market share for Android to grow to over 50% in 2012. In 2011 over 206 million Android devices were shipped which accounted for 46% of the market and this number is expected grow thanks to numerous new handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus being released together with software improvements like the new ICS version of the platform.

It is not only the Android platform that is expected to enjoy a prosperous 2012. Both Windows and iOS are expecting increases in their numbers during this period. it is expected that the Apple share of the market will increase to 19 per cent while Microsoft will see their relatively new platform increase to around 13 per cent. this boom in numbers for the major platforms is thanks to the global popularity of smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the iPhone 4S. not long ago smartphones were only used by professional users with the general public favouring the more compact feature phones. As the prices of smartphones started to decrease we saw the functionality of these devices improve and a combination of these two factors has led to a broad spectrum of phone users opting for such a device. this trend is confirmed by MIC who state that they expect the total number of global smartphone sales to top 614 million in 2012 which is a massive 36 per cent increase on 2011.

The current trend in smartphones sales is great news for the three major platforms and all should enjoy a prosperous 2012. the Google Android system remains the one to beat however and the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the perfect start to such a big year for the company.

Predicted Growth For Major Smartphone Platforms In 2012

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