Polaroid Taps Into Gaming Accessories [Polaroid Has Products Planned For the …

First Polaroid makes Lady Gaga the Creative Director, now the photography brand plans to roll out a few gaming accessories for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii and DS.

Polaroid is better known for its range of instant film cameras, so it seems like an odd decision for the company to tap into the gaming market. However, that’s what exactly the large photography brand is doing with an upcoming range of gaming peripherals.

These gaming accessories will include a sensor bar for Nintendo Wii that comes with a sports pack; a microphone headset and battery packs for Xbox 360; wireless controllers for PS3 and even a dock for Nintendo DS.

It’s not the first time Polaroid has attempted to get into the gaming sector. back in 2006, Polaroid released an inexpensive 15-in-1 game controller with a plug-and-play feature. the mini arcade games included Spin Ball, Ocean Quest, Motor Rally and Insect Chase just to name a few. the product has been discontinued due low sales performance, but you can still manage to pick one up on Amazon or eBay for less than $15.

The current range of gaming accessories have only been confirmed to be initially released in the UK. the Nintendo Wii and DS accessories have been reported to be launching in May, with the rest of the line being rolled out later in the year.

AntiGrav will be handling the the launch and distribution of the peripherals. UK company AntiGrav is a distribution agency that specializes in gaming accessories and peripherals. their clients include Enigma, Atomic, Orb and Vidis.

It will be worth following to see if Polaroid succeeds with its second attempt to tap into the gaming market. the brand is heavily anchored for its photography products, so it’s going to be hard for gaming enthusiasts to take make that switch. I’m guessing the products will be targeted at tweens and sold to soft-gamers who are more concerned about aesthetics than the specs or brand.

Polaroid Taps Into Gaming Accessories [Polaroid Has Products Planned For the …

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