Point of Sale and Smartphones

How can point of sales systems leverage from smartphones? From recent surveys almost 50% of 18 to 44 years in the USA and places like Australia are now using. The major share of this market is Android and iPhone with Blackberry continuing to lose market share each month. this trend is set to continue, so how can we boost sales and how can touch screen and POS systems integrate with smart phones.

So many people when they think about point of sale think about cash registers to collect funds and produce receipts for customers. other people think about stock control, inventory control and ERP systems. What people need to include is how to boost sales through their POS software.

So let’s look at this from a practical perspective, how can you increase sales.

1. Increase the size of the sale through upselling and cross selling with staff prompt on related products and customer display screens with advertising

2. get the customer to buy more often via a loyalty or rewards program

3. Keep in touch with the customer via email, SMS and online with offers and information that is targeted and directed at the customers areas of interest

So how does relate to smart phones and POS. Well the great thing about smart phone is that they have a browser and the customer has them with them almost all the time they are shopping. so the question now is how do you enhance the shopping experience vi the smartphone?

On shelving display provide offers and product information that integrates with the smart phone. this is where the customer scan take an image of a barcode or type in a code at your web site and get a special deal such as a buy one get one free deal.

Send offers to the customers phone via SMS directing them to go to your web site and enter the code in the SMS to get a special deal.

The one area which offers a lot of opportunity is convenience. Through having a smart phone targeted website your customers should be able to place and order and then pick the order up such as shopping or fresh produce. this means the customer can order from work, pull in and then the order is packed and the retail software and POS system have the order all ready for dispatch.

There are so many opportunities for integration between the point of sale system and the smartphone. You just have to ask the question – how can I better serve the customer.

Point of Sale and Smartphones

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