Photography Jobs in New York – Want to Know How to Get One?

Did you know that about 50% of all photographers are self-employed but that it is estimated to be as high as 75% of those based in new York? there are many reasons for that, with the main one being that doing business in new York is very different to anywhere else in the country. Whereas magazines based in Texas or North Carolina would usually employ in house staff photographers, new York based media regularly works on a contract basis. What does this mean for the aspiring photographer that dreams of living in a new York loft? Batten down the hatches and prepare for a long and bumpy ride

Beating the Competition

The first thing that any photographer should know about plying their trade in new York is that competition for jobs, whether contracted freelance gigs or salaried positions, is extremely fierce and will remain so for the foreseeable future. new York is the media centre of the United States and will remain so for some time to come, which has a knock on effective of drawing creative people like tacks to a magnet. Writers, photographers, actors and artists flock there and only a handful ever make it.

This may sound extremely harsh but it is a realistic assessment for the future of photographers in new York. Salaried photographers, such as those working in portrait studios and for commercial businesses, very rarely leave their jobs because they provide a measure of stability. whilst these positions are increasing, the sheer number of budding photographers that apply for them still means that they are extremely coveted and difficult to secure. Freelance photography is notoriously unstable and making it from one pay check to another can be difficult unless you are able to secure regularly contracted work.

The Solution

If you are determined to make it as a photographer in new York then you have to be better than the competition. It is as simple as that. Many photographers in new York, almost 50% in actual fact, have a college degree in photojournalism or a related field. Many also have experience as a photographer’s assistant, which means that they have relevant experience that they can call upon in their work.

Many employers insist that freelance contractors have a college degree as well as proficiency on a very technical level. the latter includes digital photography as well as old-fashioned photography. You must also have an extensive portfolio, both online and offline, if you would like to impress potential employers. when starting out, you may like to submit it to advertising agencies, magazines, newspapers, large corporations that have in house marketing teams and similar businesses to make contacts and get noticed. You have to make your own destiny in photography because it will not make itself.

Photography Jobs in New York – Want to Know How to Get One?

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