Phillies Vs Dodgers NLCS Summary

The 2009 NLCS is a very exciting battle between the Phildelphia Phillies, the defending 2008 World Series champions, and the Los Angeles Dodgers, the team that finished the 2009 regular baseball season with the best record in the National League.

Game 1 has already taken place, but no others to date, and without a doubt this is going to be a great series if game 1 was any indicator. The Dodgers threatened to tie the Phillies on a few occasions after falling behind early, but their efforts fell short in the end as it wasn’t enough.

Cole Hamels came through for the Phillies when they needed him most, just as he typically has in playoff situations for the team. Clayton Kershaw, on the other hand, looked unpolished and shaky, as could be expected for someone just 21 years of age.

Still, there are many games left to be played in this series and it’s anyone’s game. The experience factor has to go to Philadelphia, having played in the 2008 World Series and having won. At the same time though, Joe Torre’s playoff expertise can’t be discounted or overlooked. he has the know how to take this team far, not to mention the presence of Manny Ramirez as a leader on the team.

The Dodgers must win game 2 in order to level the playing field. trying to beat the Phillies after losing their first 2 games at home would be quite the daunting task. Let’s see if they can even it up.

Phillies Vs Dodgers NLCS Summary

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