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Juniper Introduces Smartphone Software to Defend Your Mobile Life

Juniper Networks Unveils Integrated Security Solution that both Protects Personal and Business Data and Secures Remote Access Across Virtually all Mobile Devices

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Juniper Networks introduced the Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite, comprehensive security software for protecting mobile devices and defending your mobile life whether they are used for work, for play, or both. the Mobile Security Suite is part of the broader Junos Pulse platform and is the only integrated solution on the market to provide both security and secure connectivity for virtually all mobile devices.

The software suite includes anti-virus, personal firewall, anti-spam, loss and theft prevention, and monitoring and control services. it enables enterprises to provide employees secure access to corporate applications and e-mail on mobile devices, while keeping business data and networks safe. it also lets service providers deliver a worry-free mobile experience to consumers and enterprises who routinely store sensitive information on their smart phones. Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite also provides peace of mind for parents who wish to protect their children from inappropriate contact and exploitation.

According to a study commissioned by Juniper, fewer than 4 percent of users use mobile devices strictly for business; 40 percent use them for both business and personal.

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