PC and Laptop Video and Audio Converter – Converts VGA and Audio to HDMI

Ever wonder how to get your PC or Laptop to display in a high resolution on your TV? As I am always searching for new and innovative product I recently came across a product that in this day and age of digital TV and multimedia PC’s comes in very handy. Why fight with those video RCA’s or S-Video cables when you can have a true digital picture on your TV?

The Atlona AT-HD500 PC / Laptop to HDMI Converter allows you to take a regular VGA and audio connections from your PC or laptop and scale it up to 1080p via HDMI for connection to a hi-def TV. This is a great little box, now you can hook up virtually any PC or laptop to your TV and get a great picture. There is no complicated setup, configuration is easy, and the box is not intrusive and can be hidden or transported rather easily.

Now instead of hooking up a big PC with a high end video card you can use your laptop paired with the Atlona AT-HD500 and get the great picture quality you always wanted. You can use this with virtually any PC or Laptop!

The Product is available at TigerDirect for around $269


Search for: Atlona AT-HD500

Take a look at the video.

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