Panel recommends Tupelo Honey grant

Urban_jj writes:

Urban, you may want to read the rest of this article on Flory’s Blog.

"Perhaps the most relevant question is whether it makes sense for CBID to incentivize a new restaurant, when downtown is already packed with eateries. Technically, any CBID grant goes for improvements to a building and not to a specific tenant, but in this case Tupelo Honey is clearly the selling point for the grant.

Admittedly, the Asheville restaurant has a strong regional following and would bolster downtown Knoxville’s cultural brand. on the other hand, the building’s primo location makes it attractive even without incentives, and it wasn’t that long ago that Market Square Kitchen was operating in the un-renovated space."

Technically, you are correct, in this case, the Grant would help rehab the building for the new restaurant. Same issue still exists. other, long established successful restaurants, did not receive this type of assistance when they opened, yet they managed to be successful.

BTW, the Market Square Kitchen, was a long time occupant of this site, and helped in the revitalization of Market Square. They, if I am not mistaken, was the last restaurant standing from before the Market Square rehab. when this building was sold in 2010, the new owners non-renewed his lease, effectively kicking him out last year. Now they want the CBID to kick in $275,000 for the remodel. again this is ridiculous and needs to be stopped.

You aren’t in the CBID, so it is none of your concern, nor can you legally make it so. However, one has only to read your past comments, particularly around the mayoral election, to understand what your real socio-political motivations are concerning commenting about downtown, its residents, and Knoxville in general.

Panel recommends Tupelo Honey grant

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