Palm Pre Plus – Why It's the Smartphone Smart Enough for Mom

Do you remember the times when Mom would be everywhere at once, cooking dinner while getting you to your soccer game and getting Dad’s ironing done in between? Or maybe Mom was the one in the suit and Dad was doing the ironing. whatever. Moms are busy people, some of the busiest in existence – whether they’d admit so or not. but is there a cell phone that can fit such busy, such varied lifestyles?

A Full-On Phone – with Curves!

Enter the Palm Pre Plus, the latest Palm smartphone to hit the market. Improving on the original Palm Pre, the Palm Pre plus has double the memory – both storage and RAM – of its predecessor, with 16GB of memory available in the phone. It’s not hard to find a use for the new capacity: the Palm Pre plus supports a comprehensive variety of video and audio formats, perfect for the power mom wanting to catch up on the latest episode of Desperate Housewives or Glee. and the phone has a slick curvaceous shape which hides a full QWERTY keyboard.
It’s not all fun and games: the Palm Pre plus also has loads of ingenious features designed to keep you online and on the go. These include the new Touchstone Pad, which charges your Palm Pre plus wirelessly, and the Palm Mobile Hotspot App, which turns the 3G phone into a wireless hotspot for up to five other devices. now that’s going to keep the family happy.

Keep it Simple, Son

A lot of smartphones on the market are pretty hard to operate and get the hang of. Fortunately for the time-pressed, the Palm Pre plus ships with webOS, Palm’s proprietary operating system which most critics claim is a lot more intuitive than Android or the iPhone. Add to that a raft of apps, both community-built and commercial, and you’ve got a fully-functional platform without the learning curve. and as every busy mom knows, time is money – or a well-deserved cup of coffee.

Style and Substance

The Palm Pre plus is a smart phone in more ways than one. It’s powerful enough to cater to an array of business, personal and leisure needs, combining cutting-edge innovations with tried-and-true design aesthetics. It’s got both smart looks and the smarts to keep up with any lifestyle. That’s why we think the Palm Pre plus is smart enough for mom. especially because it never needs telling twice.

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Palm Pre Plus – Why It's the Smartphone Smart Enough for Mom

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